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these are my 10 favorite tools that I purchased on Amazon in 2023 but there’s two I regret buying let’s go if you like any of the tools you see today I’ll drop a link in the description and the pin comment so you can find them easier in no particular order but first on the list this is the Infiniti router bit Vice if you don’t have one of these this is one of those tools you’ll be absolutely glad you’ve got it when you need it I love this little tool and it’s only about $35 the last time I sh this it’s sold out rather quickly what I love about this tool is the fact that you can take any router bit quarter 8 mm or/ in shank stick in there on the loosen side you’ll be able to change out your bearings in other words it will not go to the left when you go Lefty Loosey and it will not allow the bit to rotate to the right when you go righty tidy that’s one of the great things about this super easy to change out bearings without having to use some other tool like a pair of pliers to hold your router bits you don’t want to Mar that shank some people suggest you could leave them in the router to do this but you you still have to push the button to lock the thing it’s just easier to use this than trying to leave it in the router to change them out and I like having this in the shop anytime I get ready to change out a bearing I’m glad I’ve got this next on the list are a few different tools we’ll go ABC here a the DeWalt Atomic brand drill and driver set if you don’t know DeWalt has a few different lines of their cordless tools you got regular everyday DeWalt cordless tools and then you have the atomic line then you have the XR I think the atomic line is the best for most people and I purchased these on Amazon because I got a really good deal on them which you typically do on Amazon these are fantastic I find myself reaching and grabbing these for projects for use around the house they’re just lightweight and the batteries last a long time I’m just rocking the 1.5 a hour batteries I do have some 5 a hour batteries as well they have plenty of power for the shop and they just work well and they’re super comfortable to hold they’re not overly heavy just fantastic set of drills and impact now B is the router this is the XR line router I don’t think they have a lower router but this is a fantastic router I even built a whole mini router table around this thing it is fantastic I love this little router I have several routers in the shop the DeWalt is one of my favorites probably between the Milwaukee and the DeWalt but the DeWalt line is fantastic especially for this plenty of power plenty of battery life love having this in the shop now C is a recent Edition is the DeWalt tracksaw this is a 60 volt track saw so it’s not in the 20 volt line you can’t use a 20 volt battery in here I don’t know why but the 60 volt battery will work on these others doesn’t make sense this is a really good track saw with a few little quirks it’s probably the weirdest track saw or the weirdest tool dealt makes however that doesn’t make it bad because I’m weird too so I have actually enjoyed having this in the shop so far along with the other ones I have a whole video review on this saw already you can go check out it’s bad boy got some power but it is a very powerful saw that works really well with a few little quirks it’s weird I’m weird it’s okay go check the video out if you’re interested in the tracks saww but overall the DeWalt cordless line on Amazon has been some of my favorite tools I purchased this year next up one of my favorite things I purchased on Amazon in 2023 was this peini pocket rule set I purchased the entire set myself woodpecker has never give me a tool or sponsored a video I’m just very impressed with their quality mainly because any woodpecker tool no matter if it’s a a ruler or a square you can line them up and all their measurements match each other exactly they’re extremely accurate that’s what I appreciate about them and they’re made in the USA so who can beat that this is the set you get the 7 n and 13 in how long they actually are I think they list them a little different maybe 6 8 and 12 but they’re actually a little longer than that you shouldn’t do that with yours but these are fantastic because of the slide rule or stop you’ll be able to do repeatable measurements set depths of aprons legs all kinds of stuff with that I also like the end scale they have on there you can set up bit Heights things like that with it it’s very handy they’ll set up by theel using that slide rule inserted into the hole and they’re just high quality tools that you will not regret buying now truthfully I mostly use this smaller one but I do appreciate and like having all of the options here in the shop because from time to time I want the longer rulers you got to check these out if you’re into high quality woodworking tools and you don’t mind spend a little bit more for that quality this might not be a tool you were expecting in this video but if you make videos for your customers or you’re posting on Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Facebook good audio in your videos will level up your game and get you more reach because it’s better quality and people will watch a video with more quality audio before they’ll watch a video with less video quality that makes sense now these are some of the best mics I’ve ever bought and just thanks to my editor Chris thank you sir he recommended these DJI mics they’re Wireless that’s huge in video production and they’re easy to set up they’re literally plug and pay they’ll work in your phone they’ll work on a standard camera and they have a little touch screen on there to tweak the settings to your audio liking I paired mine with this sh lavalier mic so that I get this mic up here but if you don’t want that they clip onto your shirt they can clip onto your hat they have a little magnet that Clips through the shirt these are fantastic and they have charging case similar to like a airpod so you could travel with them use them on the road use them in the shop the battery life lasts forever these are fantastic if you’re making content one thing I love about these mics is the fact that you get two wireless mics per pack so if you’re doing interviews or if you just have two people on camera they can each have their own mic this is awesome to have listen I’ve tried cheaper models than this I’ve tried other brands than this these are by far of my seven years of content making the best I’ve ever used and easiest next up I hate math just so you know I’m not good at it I don’t like it but in woodworking you have to do math and this is why I like this little Construction Master Pro it’s a fairly inexpensive calculator for what you’re getting because it’ll do fractions inches Etc and a lot of times when we’re building projects you have to input those fractions add them up just to get the correct Dimensions so that your project comes out correct especially when you’re trying to fit a project into a space or just trying to add up all of your material so that you know you got enough when you go to build the project that’s why I like this little Jewel and it’s not that expensive there’s even a quick reference guide on the inside to help you out it’s easy to use and that’s why I like it and if you’re into Roofing or you have to build stairs there’s options for that on there as well for pitch rise run Etc as well as the stairs you can either do circles arcs it’ll basically do it all I know we m mostly have smartphones in our pocket and you can find some online calculator to help you do that but it’s much easier just to grab this in the shop in my opinion punching a few measurements and there we go next up is a tool I bought so you didn’t have to I did a whole video on this you can just search 731 Recon M1 this thing goes on almost any miter saw and it’s a very very accurate way to measure your parts so if you’re looking for precision this is the way to go I detailed that in that video but is super simple you just clip it onto most any miter saw fence you calibrate it right out of the box fairly simple to do just check out my video and then off to the races you go if you need to repeat Parts down to the 302nd or even smaller this might be your best option because you’re not going to rely on tape measure error or anything like that it’s fully digital works really really well now there’s a couple of caveats you may want to check out in that video but for a lot of people this is a good option for a tool and is it worth it for the price tag that’s really up to you I think it’s a good buy for certain situations especially if you’re looking for precision and accur accuracy which are two different things so I learned next one of my favorite routers I’ve ever bought I bought this year on Amazon I already had one of these in the router table but I bought this one to do a review versus the DeWalt this is an excellent option for a router especially for the price for right around $200 you get the fixed and plunged base with this router and a hard case for storage or carry and this thing is absolutely awesome I love this router it’s one of my favorite ERS that I’ve ever used including the DeWalt but as far as awesome goes I really like how this especially the plunge base worked I have a whole video comparing the two if you want to check those out but this is an absolutely fantastic 2 and a/4 horsepower router that will accept quarter and halfin collets I don’t think you could go wrong with this and it’s one of my favorites of 2023 even though it’s been out for a very long time this is a tried and true proven router that’ll last you for years if you’ve watched this channel anytime at all you know I’m a huge fan of the fesal sander this ETS 125 is by far one of my favorites but if you’re on a budget or you’re not ready to step into a higher-end sander cuz this one’s $250 this one is under $100 usually right around 80 this is the DeWalt sander this sander won my best sander under $100 in that video because of the features how well it Sands the least vibration the dust collection this is just a good all-around sander that’s going to last you for a very long time when I first started woodworking I tried to cheap out and bought a hyper tough sander it only lasted about a month or so and then I went and spent $79 $80 on this DeWalt sander and it lasted for years and years and years and then I replac it with this one for that video so that I could have all new Sanders so that it was a fair test this is a good option for a sander if you’re getting into woodworking or you just want to upgrade from maybe one of more budget options this is a good solid option for you and is one of the best of 2023 from Amazon in my opinion next up I bought this earlier this year did a whole video on it but the wind oscillating spindle and belt sander is a fantastic tool to have in the shop it’s literally a game Cher especially if you’re doing small parts or parts that have curves radiuses anything like that I love this little tool for the price and it’s a wind product which some people frown on but I’ve had really good luck with wind tools I still have the wind drill press that I still use in the shop I had multiple different wind tools over the years I think it’s a really good deal for the price and the fact that you can swap out the belt for the spindle it’s very much like the rigid spindle and belt sander but at a much lower price plenty of power it has better dust collection in my opinion than the rigid I just think it’s a really good all-around tool and one of the best I purchased in 2023 from Amazon if you’re interested the whole video review you just search wind spindle sander 731 you’ll find it just a really good tool to have in the shop don’t forget I’ve got those two tool tools that I regret buying from Amazon but this one I absolutely do not this is a skill router and router table combo you can get this for less than $200 almost all the time I think I gave 170 something for it this a really good package deal if you need a small router Router table for your shop I like this tool I thought it had a lot of power the only real drawback I found was the fact that the fence was a little hard to adjust if you’re trying to Joint boards or anything like that but if you’re just cutting grooves rabbits Doos this will work just fine and the fact that it’s great for round overs and small parts makes this an excellent choice and the router can be taken out of there so you can use that as a regular fix based router if you wish for anything that you need routed and these are really good routers for the price I think this is one of those hidden gems on Amazon that a lot of people kind of pass over because it’s a skill brand but I think you get a lot for your money here for less than $200 but I think this is a great beginner or intermediate level router and router table combo now I regret buying this from Amazon this was a total waste of my money can you tell which one’s the woodpeckers from there maybe probably this is the Woodpecker brand this is the Amazon knockoff of this I wasted my money on this I want you to hear the difference I don’t drop this too far metal I thought this was going to be metal it looked like metal on the description I didn’t read the description I just bought it it’s plastic this is a cheap piece of and you can tell it doesn’t it it won’t even square up when you tighten this down this is a child’s toy as far as a combination Square there are much better Alternatives out there I love the indexable Square from woodpeckers but it is very expensive I’ll let you look at the price and have a heart attack later but this is a very very cheap very terrible tool now Swanson makes an excellent combination square that will not break the bank it’s a good quality tool as well as star at brand makes a very very good quality combination square that will kind of break the bank just depends on where you’re at in your budget and if you want to spend money on these type tools but absolutely avoid this one I’ll link it in the description so you can go laugh at it but bad bad [Music] bad the number two tool I regret buying is this little trim Square now there are several trim squares out there that I much prefer including the Swanson the dfm even the woodpeckers Del squares are awesome little squares but this one I kind of find odd this is a Johnson square and I just it works it’s Square it’s fine for that but these little notches in there aren’t very accurate if you’re trying to lay out accurate lines and woodworking then this is not in my opinion a good Square for that this may be good for rough construction or framing Etc but for us Woodworkers I just don’t think this is a good option even though I didn’t spend a lot of money on this I regret buying it check out the all-time top 10 tools I’ve ever bought on Amazon ever not just in 2023 right there 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