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in this video I want to show you five easy woodworking projects that are selling really well right now some of them are projects that I’m selling myself and some of them are from sellers who are doing really well on Etsy all of these will be pretty simple they have a fairly High profit margin and they require few tools but first I just want to say something really quick so when I show you these products your first instinct is probably going to be no one would pay for that because it’s so easy to make but you have to remember that most people don’t think like that because most people either don’t know how to make things or they don’t have the time or the space or the tools to make things so they’d rather pay someone who knows what they’re doing to give them the finished product and so that is why you and I can make money by selling easy woodworking projects because they’re easy for us but they’re not easy for everyone so number one is a great one I mean they’re all great to be honest I wouldn’t show you some baloney this one you can make it from probably just 1 M of a 2×4 and it is the floating towel rack so looks like this and you can see it’s in 20 plus cards so that means that right now 20 people have added this to carts and they’re either contemplating buying it or they are going to buy it so they are selling pretty well the price for this is for the hand towel rack which is this small one it’s selling for around $80 bigger one towel rack is $120 that is for this one and then we have the combo for around $160 you can see this is just eight pieces of wood butt joints and screws this is a great product pretty simple and it looks amazing I mean it looks really really good now at number two we have what might just be the EAS easiest woodworking project I’ve ever seen and I know I’ve said that before but this one is even easier so this is a scon candle H holder I’m not sure how to pronounce that is it scony or scon I mean look at this it’s one longer piece of wood and a shorter piece of wood then you probably have couple of screws in from the back here to hold this little shelf you can put candle or other ornaments on it and then at the back I would guess that they have you know a couple of these uh Keyhole hangers at the back so you can just hang it on the wall our guess is probably 15 to 20 minutes to make a pair of these and they’re selling for $38 roughly that is for a pair if you have a single one it’s around $19 now I have made my own version of these looks like this so it’s very similar I’ve just added this little angled piece here hopefully you can see that and I also added a little Little Nail here because what I’m going to use this for is I’m going to have a candle on top here so I’ll make some woodworking plants for these that you can download for free down in the description below number three is another brilliant one this is a best seller on Etsy and I would love to have one of these I don’t personally have a bathtub but my parents do and every now and then I like to use that bathtub and when I take a bath I go all in so I’m not gay there’s nothing wrong about being gay but I’m not gay but I like to have like scented candles want to have a glass of cider maybe some snacks want to have a book maybe a phone to watch Netflix or something want to do it properly right but when I do that it’s always a mess because it’s not really a place to have all of those things that’s where this bathtub tray comes in and it’s just a simple well fairly simple piece of pine it looks like this is 9 in wide this is again a best seller so this item has had a high sales volume over the past 6 months so there are two candle holders which is probably done with a forcer bit we have the wine glass holder it’s just a hole then you make these Cuts you can either do it on a table saw or just using a jigsaw then you have this angled piece in the back and then this smaller one in the front to hold like either a book or an iPad like this so again pretty easy pretty simple but I would guess it’s a pretty high profit margin and it’s a best seller on Etsy so at number four we have another bestseller on Etsy and it is the mountain peak shelf this is a really really cool shelf and it’s selling for $60 $170 it looks like I would guess 1×4 in boards and probably maybe 30° cuts the size is 36 in Long and 5 1/2 in tall and it said in the description that it has pre-installed sof too hangers for easy hanging so that is these things here very easy to install on the shelf and also to hang up on the wall $160 $170 per piece and that is at 25% off which means that they’re originally selling for what $220 around that probably a little bit longer to make than the other products that we’ve looked at but it’s wood and glue and Nails probably number five is a project that I have been selling myself and in fact my grandpa used to make these as well he was a woodworker or he is still a woodworker he’s still alive and he could easily make a full-time income selling these so what I’m talking about is outdoor furniture and specifically a set of two benches and a table so the main selling point of of these is that they are pretty heavy and that they can handle any weather so great Market to Target is cabin owners so many of them would love to have some outdoor furniture that they don’t have to worry about that can just like stay outside for the entire year that can handle any weather doesn’t get caught by the wind can handle a big load of snow and they don’t have to think about it so that is what my grandpa managed to do he got into that cab market and he could not stop selling his outdoor furniture sets so I’ve designed my own version of these with some help and some tips from my grandpa I’ve made a full video on that and I’ll link it down below and I also have some woodworking plans that you can find in the description and this is one that requires a bit more space you don’t need to have a whole lot of tools to MIT saw and a drill and a sander pretty much it but you can still make some really good profit from this project I’ve got a little bonus one at the end here here because a few months ago I started selling a very simple woodworking project in my first 50 days after launching I sold for over $12,000 in this video I explain what that product is and I also reveal some strategies I use to get those clients one of those strategies I’ve never heard anyone else talk about on YouTube so check out this video right here

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