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how’s it going jeremiah ends into this video I will be going through a few the functions and features of an online piano and keyboard learning app which myself and my students have been using for quite a number of years now and I found that this is one of the better solutions for learning how to play the piano and keyboard if you haven’t got access to a piano teacher let’s make no mistake nothing replaces an actual teacher who is sitting beside you and who is interactively correcting your mistakes and your techniques to make sure that you are learning your piano at your best however piano lessons are not necessarily cheap and not everyone may want to pay the kind of money for a music teacher of course there will be many others who say that YouTube is a great learning tool for learning music and I do agree to a certain extent a lot of YouTube tutorials out there that you can follow to learn about playing the keyboards as well as the piano but there is one issue with learning from YouTube the issue with YouTube videos is that they are all over the place and there is no structured manner where you can progress from level one to level two to level three and this is where this app itself excels let’s be clear about this I am NOT paid in any way by this company to make this review so all my opinion about this app is purely my own and don’t take my word for it you can check out this app on your own I have left a link in the description dad will give you free time unlimited access to try out eight songs on the app itself so this app is available on the iOS platform and you can use it on your iPhone and your iPad it is also available on Android devices and tablets if you’re using your desktop computer you can also access this app via your desktop and you can sign up for all of these using the link in my description below without further ado let me run through with you what you can expect to achieve with this app this is a screen you get when you log in for the very first time at the top here you get a list of the most popular songs that they have right now on the platform and it is also categorized according to different genres of music for example pop songs classical music film and TV Christmas romantic music as well as jazz melancholic music really D categories are just a whole bunch we also get a lot of very recent pop hits like perfect by Ed Sheeran for those who prefer classical music you can find a whole slew of classical music all just light up here for you and we’ll be looking at what’s inside those pieces in a little while and for those who prefer film and TV music you have songs from the greatest showman on earth rewrite the stars here’s a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean we have rivers flows in you Bohemian Rhapsody from the movie Queen a whole lot of different kinds of film music here and these are the songs and they are also categorized and color-coded according to the difficulty at the very bottom of the screen with God for icons and the first one on the left side is a whole list of the songs that is available this a whole lot inside here and what I’m interested is the one on the bottom right side which says causes and it’s really useful for those who are learning the piano or the keyboard for the first time because we have a very structured way of learning the different aspects of piano and keyboard playing so we start off with eight causes on the introduction to the piano where you are told the different steps of learning the piano as well as learning a simple song for example Beethoven’s famous or to Joy let’s just have a look at it let’s get started with the most important basis so they’ll teach you things like how to sit at the piano your posture basically the basics that you will need before you start playing on your we also have easy songs that you can play with only just your right hand after you get familiarize yourself with sitting at the piano and you’re also introduced to how to read sheet music and how to understand the basics of musical notation next you will be taking a look at how to play with the left hand and you will also learn a simple song called orally it’s also known as Love Me Tender is the same position for your life you also learn things like how to read the bass clef the note value and rhythm as well as doing a rhythm practice and I think that covers a lot of the basis for a simple introduction to the piano that would really get you grounded for a very good start to learning how to play on the piano and when you’re done with that you can go on to the next module which comes with seven courses and it teaches you how to eventually start playing with both hands on the piano when you’re done with that you can move on to your intermediate playing skills and you’ll be taught what is a sharp what is a flat you’ll be taught how to handle modulation or what is a key charm or a key change you will also be taught what is a compile-time signature which is an irregular time signature and how to count with that you can see that it is extremely extremely detailed because there is also its subcategory that comes to the video it is not just the video itself you actually get more than just a video itself you get subcategories of the video you see that use of accidentals applying what you learn in a song and putting the parts together so they can make one piece of music once you are more advanced you can learn about the entire mastering of course what are the basic costs that you can usually play with and the kind of songs you can play with just for basic costs you can learn how to play things like my heart will go on from the Titanic stand by me you know how to break it up so that you can use an Apogee Oh chord accompaniment with a song as well and once you know how to play cause they actually teach you how to improvise with your chords how to use the six chord and the added 9th chord which are used in more advanced playing and you will also learn the different pop styles that you can use to accompany your music with the ballad style how to make it sound more melancholic how do you make it sound more upbeat and for those who want to improve their sight reading you also get a comprehensive psych reading course that will teach you how to read your bass the treble cleff how to use practice and repetition to improve your sight reading and if you want to get better at playing your skills you have examples of different kinds of major scale as well as minor scales on your right hand on your left hand as well as using both hands to play them together as well as the key signature that you will need to play them on so you can see this is really pretty advanced and if there’s any song you have in particular that you want to learn you can actually search for it here for example you want to learn songs like rewrite the stars for example you can just type it here search for it and there you go rewrite the stars by zac efron from the music of the greatest showmen we’ve got green on top which is the easy version we’ve got the intermediate and we’ve got the red color version let’s just have a look at this song’s a bit later on so once you find a song you want you can actually save it by clicking on the heart shape on the top here and once it’s highlighted it is actually saved in my songs which is found on the bottom of the screen you can see that perfect has been saved in here and you load it up and you can find a keyboard with all the notes highlighted as well as the note names this is in wolf’s hands and this is a simple version if you find it’s too fast you can actually slow it down to 50% of speed and you can choose whether you just want to learn your right hand or your left hand let’s just learn only the right hand for now you realize the speed is now half the speed and only the right hand no games are highlighted so that you can focus on getting your right hand melody correct and once you’re done with that you can learn your left hand as well go ahead go a little bit faster at 75% of speed so if you look at the video only the left hand is highlighted so you can just focus on getting your cause on your left hand right and once you’re done with that you can play along with both hands and you realize that both hands are equally highlighted there’s a function that I like assuming if you just want to practice a couple of bars and repeat those couple of bars there is a loop function that allows you to just highlight two or three bars or you know really just any number of bars let’s just do three bars here right and by just highlighting those three bars you can just make sure that it just keeps repeating these three bars and you can practice that many many times until you get a tricky portion correct that is a very very useful practice tool so he will continue until you press stop you can actually connect your keyboard or your digital piano using USB right here you’ve got a MIDI setup right on the top right hand corner anyway actually sends the notes that you’re playing and this is useful for the weight more right on top here we’ve got the weights mode so it also works if you’ve got an acoustic piano which means that you do not have to connect a USB MIDI cable or a MIDI cable if you don’t have one it will actually listen to your playing via the microphone of your keyboard so now we are in the weight mode of this song where you would just wait for the particular hand that I selected in this case I’ve selected the right hand and you will wait for me to play the right hand notes before it starts to move on let’s have a look at it [Music] it waits for me to play the next note as you can tell this app is chock full of features which you can use for many many more years to come our new songs added to it every single week so I have a link in the description where you can download and have this app entirely free for an unlimited time you only need to pay extra if you need to add more songs in your library and you want to learn more songs so you get up to eight songs that you can practice with and see if this app is suitable for you so is this app perfect not really there are a couple of things that I wish can be improved on this app the very first one is the lack of a metronome so for those who like the short timing feel of a metronome it is unfortunately lacking on this app the next thing that I would like improve is the tempo of the songs right now you can only either play in the original tempo at 50% of the speed or 75% of the speed and if you want to play it something like 55% 60% is slowly incremented by 5% each time you are not able to do so on this ad other than that I don’t think there’s anything for you to lose if you sign up with my link below for a free time unlimited access to learn up to eight songs on this app and see if it’s really suitable for your learning needs so I hope you found my honest review of the floki app to be useful any of you did make sure you subscribe if you haven’t done so as well as leave a comment and give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next one bye bye …

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