2. Adobe Analytics

#Page traffic report in Adobe Analytics#Page traffic report in Adobe Analytics

Page traffic report in Adobe Analytics

What it is: Adobe Analytics is a traffic analytics and multichannel data collection tool, designed for advanced users and enterprise companies.

What you can track: business intelligence (BI) and traffic data from websites, emails, and apps, including pageviews, unique visitors, purchases, order attribution, segmentation, and customer journey analytics.

Price: on request.

3. Matomo (formerly Piwik)

#Matomo dashboard#Matomo dashboard

Matomo dashboard

What it is: Matomo is an open-source web traffic analytics tool.

What you can track: unsampled traffic metrics, ecommerce and event tracking, custom dimensions, goals, and segments.

Price: free (self-hosted).

4. Clicky

#Clicky analytics dashboard#Clicky analytics dashboard

Clicky analytics dashboard

What it is: Clicky is a real-time website traffic analytics tool.

What you can track: real-time data, including visitors, pageviews, and events.

Price: from free for 3,000 pageviews/day.

5. Fathom

#Fathom’s one-page traffic dashboard#Fathom’s one-page traffic dashboard

Fathom’s one-page traffic dashboard

What it is: Fathom is a simple, privacy-focused analytics tool.

What you can track: site views, unique views, average time on site, bounce rate, goal completions, referrers, country, user device, and browser type.

Price: from $14/month for 100,000 pageviews.

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