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so today I really need your help with something just a couple weeks ago YouTube informed me that I had officially been on the platform for five years realizing that you’ve been doing anything for five years can make you reflect a bit when that thing is a career shift that puts you in front of millions of eyeballs every month it adds a weird twist to things I’ve always been very grateful for my time here on YouTube and the thing that I’ve been happiest about is that it’s given me the opportunity to teach that’s why people really watch my channel for information these insights and solutions that a lifetime in the trades has taught me I get to teach it all to you in video form and I love that but over the last couple years I’ve realized that my ability to do that is somewhat limited by the platform itself the nature of YouTube is such that you can never really just teach people anything you have to play the algorithm game that contest for more attention and more eyeballs and you spend the vast majority of your energy figuring out how you can make videos which will generate more clicks but the problem with this is that it really underserves you you the viewer the person who is primarily using this platform as a source of Education it can be very hard for you to get straightforward information and solutions without wading through a CEO broken up clickbait titles and subpart videos so I’ve decided that in the coming weeks I’m going to start something new it’s a better way to continue teaching you in my style today I’m going to explain my new project to you and I hope that afterwards you’ll even stick around to provide a little feedback on it and that’s all coming up next on the honest Carpenter show the real problem with YouTube as I see it is that it doesn’t let you teach anything in a straightforward fashion Every Time I Think of a topic I’d like to cover I immediately ask myself how can I spin this so that it attracts the widest possible audience that’s what success on YouTube requires viral videos insanely High View counts if you don’t have those then you won’t grow at all and eventually you’ll have to quit because it’s too much work for no audience but this also means that you’ll end up avoiding any topic or subject that doesn’t have the potential to like massively blow up and even when you do pick a topic you still have to present all your information in this chopped up sideways fashion that can sometimes feel silly or contrived now that doesn’t mean that you can’t teach on YouTube you absolutely can I’ll go to the Grave insisting that this is probably the greatest educational Forum ever created because it’s so diverse and it’s free for everybody but the problem is it’s just not a great place to learn things deeply you have to spend days tracking down and sorting through random videos just to try to get a full picture on one topic this is like going to a school where every 10 minutes you have to get up and leave one classroom walk all the way across campus and listen to some new teachers start explaining the whole thing in a different way it’s just not efficient it’s frustrating for the viewer and for the content creator because we have to live inside this algorithm roller coaster that’s why I’ve finally made a decision this summer I’m going to begin offering online courses through my website I’ll begin creating my own little honest Carpenter University this way I can finally choose the topics that I want skip the algorithm and teach things in the way that I know they should be taught online courses themselves are nothing new people offer them for every industry and topic you can think of my buddy Steve Ramsey has one of the biggest introductory woodworking courses in the world the only problem is creating them is an insane amount of work as is rebuilding a website so it can host my video courses so this is going to dominate a lot of my time going forward and I’m going to have to really focus on it to make sure that I get it right now for those of you who might be worried hearing this I promise I’m not leaving YouTube I’m still going to be a content creator here many topics just fit better here on YouTube they’re Built For This platform not all subjects belong in an online course but I’m telling you all this now because my posting here will probably become a bit more erratic in the future and I just want everybody to be prepared for that one of my compromises for this is that I’ll actually begin posting a lot more shorts and they’ll primarily be good tidbits pulled from older videos I see this as a win-win because so many videos get buried by the algorithm and some of the best information in them just vanishes also it’s very easy to forget what you’ve seen in a video from months or years ago so these shorts can be a really awesome refresher for long time viewers so when you see these shorts pop up check them out it’s just more helpful information for my part I’m really excited to be begin developing online courses and I have like a million ideas for them but I’m still figuring out exactly how to structure my courses and this is where I really need your help you can play a pivotal role in determining how future courses are shaped by just answering a few questions for me would you prefer shorter course packages one to two hours chopped into bite-sized videos or would you prefer larger course packages four to eight hours containing bite size videos broken into larger sections also what sort of topics would you like me to Deep dive I’ll post a poll asking these things in about the next 10 minutes and I’ll continue to post polls under my community tab in the future so please weigh in and of course I’d love to hear any and all of your thoughts down in the comment section below this change will finally let me use my skills in my know-how in the greatest possible fashion to serve you I know that I can teach you better this way and I can continue to team up with Masters in other specific Fields drywall trim even Contracting and building code and present their information in the clearest way possible so I might disappear for just a little while but I promise I’m working hard and I will drop back in here periodically to deliver more YouTube videos but for now as always thanks for watching I’m Ethan James with the honest carpenter.com I’ll see you online [Music] …

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