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okay so here we go um we did a video about a week ago called washcoat basics and in the video uh i called out a book that i call the bible well two or three people commented on it and they said absolutely it is the bible and a little bit of history on this book is it’s written by bob flexner but this was handed to me and the first shop in florida i worked at uh it’s my mentor shop and he showed me this so what stem from this is the guys know i have quite an extensive collection of books and references for woodworking whether tool collecting or antique tool collecting i should say but also in referencing like this is my reference so we’re gonna we’re gonna start and this the tough thing is is when chris and big d said man we ought to do a top six pick on books man did they make me thick think that i had to go and really think about what my top six are but i have like top 20s top 30s and we didn’t want the video to be long so over the course of time i’m gonna do more uh pick six on books because i have quite a few and there are so many great references but what i did is i picked some really good status that i think are musts in anybody’s library because i’m constantly going back to this for reference when i’m picking up like shellac or i’m picking up a poly i can just thumb through and see it once again it’s by bob flexer that’s the first one now the other one is when i’m working with a species of wood and i haven’t worked with it a long time and i want to look at movement shear strength all kinds of stuff uh sometimes the porosity of the wood it’s really that we also call this the bible and some of you guys will say in the comment section absolutely this is bruce hoely’s book understanding wood it is co i constantly go back to it all the time and i’ll just you know the mechanics are like drying wood you know what’s the right um um moisture content on woods it’s just interesting and it’s just how wood reacts with different things it’s a must in your shop it’s one of the best references out there but since reading this i have read other great books but i had to pick the one i started with it’s my reference but i will cover a couple that i recently read that are unbelievable okay so the next one i want to call out it’s an older one okay and you’ll notice the author right here jim topham this was another one of those first books i read i went back and looked at it it’s all about layout design and there’s something i just opened up here that i just wanted to pull up because i just saw it and that’s really important for me is he shows this is where i learned to do mock-ups i make a lot of models of pieces of furniture and i remember reading this so i just want to say another great reference i’ve read several other books by jim tolpin great author he works with another guy george walker you’ll see some of those other books out there fantastic okay so being in the kitchen uh building a business cabinetry business for a while somebody will ask hey what book do you recommend on cabinetry i’ve said this a thousand times to people it’s this one it’s the complete kitchen cabinet maker and it’s by robert lang or bob lang this really hit me i picked this up in a woodcraft once and i was thumbing through it and i went oh my god this guy knows what he’s talking about so i bought it and read it and i recommend it to everybody who’s building the kitchen cabinetry where a frameless of frame okay now some of you may know out there i have an affinity for hand tools and this is one of my favorites it’s by a gentleman andy ray and it’s just absolutely fantastic so when i read a book i really i when i delve into it because i just absorb in literature on woodworking i i really look for somebody who’s kind of like hitting me who you know has been there and this guy is unbelievable furniture builder out of north carolina fantastic knows what he’s talking about okay so this one here i picked up a few years ago this is my lost art press it’s by a gentleman named christopher schwarz okay and you some of you in the hand tools most of us have read this it’s called the anarchist tool chest but the thing i really like about it i mean i i think i well i know i have uh the anarchist design book just fantastic but when you read something in your house and you’re by yourself and you laugh out loud you know the author’s really good and this guy never met him in fact have i met any of these gentlemen no i haven’t but i will tell you i’ve never met christopher schwarz but i’m going to tell you he’s one of my favorite authors because he’s so genuine and down to earth so there’s my pick six on woodworking books uh great references and don’t forget i will call out other authors and books along the way but these are a must so don’t forget to be positive and stay sharp …

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