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hi my name is ted mcgrath and today i’m going to show you how you can build whatever diy project you want without spending days or months looking for a plan or spending a fortune hiring someone to do it for you it might sound crazy but you’ll see for yourself how you can build anything out of wood easily without a large workshop or expensive tools in just a few short minutes you’ll get access to the world’s largest collection of woodworking plans for every type of project adds woodworking the largest woodworking resource in the world with over sixteen thousand step-by-step done for you plans you’ll get quick access to any project in the database and choose from thousands of designs and types when a need for a specific project arises with thousands of designs you get access to unique ideas and instructions to build the type of projects you want to build there are plans from large furniture to small crafts outdoor projects to toys and everything in between but more importantly each plan consists of five critical elements that will make projects as easy as building lego bricks a complete material cut and tools list you get the exact materials tools and cutting lists for every project you will be able to buy exact amounts which means you’ll avoid multiple trips to the store and avoid spending money on the wrong materials or the wrong quantity detailed hold you by your hand instructions that guide you from start to finish so you’ll never be left guessing on what to do next three-dimensional diagrams of each step including the finished project and exploded view so no detail is left out this makes the most challenging project a walk in the park high quality photos or videos these are important visual elements that walk you through a project step by step see details of every angle every corner and every joint when details are this clear your project builds itself all the pieces just click into place time and difficulty by knowing how much time a project will take to complete as well as the difficulty level you can evaluate if the project is suited to your needs and skill once you have a five element plan it would be like having a master craftsman by your side guiding you through the entire project and even better you’ll get thousands of plans that cover all levels of skill and competence whether you’re a complete beginner an amateur woodworker with hand tools or a seasoned pro you’ll find thousands of projects that will suit your level with over sixteen thousand plans you’ll find a plan for every project you desire here’s what more satisfied customers have to say jason says this is a woodworker’s dream it was like having a master woodworker standing over my shoulder guiding me every step of the way i built my son his first treehouse over the weekend and the next thing you know i’ve got 20 kids in my backyard bradley says the plans are super easy to read and understand unlike several others i looked at online i can’t wait to get started building some of the pieces and i have some projects picked out to start as soon as i can get the lumber lewis says hey ted i just want to thank you for this excellent resource it rekindled my passion for woodworking and i can’t thank you enough the range of projects and the quality of your plans makes this package a real bargain granted immediate access to everything the ted’s woodworking sixteen thousand plans collection and all the bonuses plus my one year personal coaching bonus worth ninety seven dollars just for taking immediate action today remember along with ted’s woodworking you will also be getting the award-winning dwg and cad plan viewer this software allows you to edit modify or create your own plans 150 premium woodworking video lessons get access to my extensive collection of detailed video tutorials and learn professional tips and techniques how to start a woodworking business a book that will show you step by step how to start and operate a profitable woodworking business from home complete woodworking guides over 200 pages of solid step-by-step woodworking tips and tricks with detailed drawings diagrams and photos and finally my super bonus the year private coaching and training program with me so you’ll always have a master craftsman guide you along every step of the way …

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