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finally done you guys see this thing you see this for about the six years I’ve been doing this or so I’ve essentially just been throwing together outfeed tables in my first shop it was like a piece of plywood on some some sticks last shop I had this whole four by eight foot thing and it was retrofit with like this cool storage bin jicama Giggy Baba good new kind of whatever and it worked really well but I was sick of like having things thrown together last minute that weren’t permanently like thought out so I sat down and I took the time I’m saying to make this outfeed table plan and this thing is packed full feature so check this out this could be my favorite feature and these parts are like so sick so I’ve got these parts bins and oh I love it I love having organization right underneath me while I’m working eight of them in this one there was only six in the last and then I’m keeping all of my papers and stuff stored here nicely in the center oh if you look I put pull outs on this side instead of just having a shelf where you can like leave things to just rot and die which is super common so like here is my vacuum look it pulls out so easy to get to host stores right on top and I planned this beforehand goes in there and then lastly tea shop finally I love this thing and I also love jet for sponsoring this bill so let’s get to it but once these things get lighter Wow how did they get in here got in my sights are you playing army with the dust collector again no what are you doing on the sacrificial fence on the miter gauge here allows me to have a cut that I can then measure to in order to get my fence with instead of trying to measure these the blade because I have a random off cut here to offset the crosscut so it doesn’t pinch so quick tip is use a sacrificial fence measure off of that and learn how to speak English if we’re going to do videos bowling I literally missed every single one of those wrong look like Bruins this is the proper technique that they teach you in woodworking school I know I went you’ve never taken a woodworking class in your life fine – let’s cut some more Domino’s when we do the legs I don’t know what to do this dainty hassle all right so everything’s out of clamps all prep for sanding I want to get a couple of panels installed before we put the carcass together so we need to go to Home Depot oh you’re home but if you wanna know your home brilliant it’s pretty damn clean screw cutting all this damned parts for these box where’s my Thor hammer nice slide in the bottom your clip I’m using staples design savvy are we ready pray for us we’re gonna put the top on screw it down then we’re gonna show you guys these sick new T tracks so check it out we’ve got the new T track from armored tools and this stuff’s a little different if you look at it the bottom is actually a second track and this is to bolt into now typically with T track you screw it down into the face but if you really clamp down hard on the top you have a tendency to pull those screws out of whatever surface you route the track into another cool feature is that you don’t need access from the sides and you can just drop in your track wherever you want instead of gluing these down what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna buzz a bunch of screws in we’re gonna start on this end which is flush and clamped here I’ll go underneath will start screwing up we will flush trim the sides and then edge bands the whole thing once we have the spacing will set we’re going to be able to cut all the holes and put the bolt in toward the tee track so well before the DeFede rectangle for tennis on this whole thing thank you guys so much for checking out this build if you want to see some more shop projects I got one queued up for you right here I also got a plan you can download that links down in the description and don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and go punch your next product in the face …

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