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[Music] introducing fit finder one half gauge by micro jig the fastest and most accurate way to find the one halfway point in your work material up to three inch thick find the center point in seconds automatically and without math measuring or guesswork set the work material under the fit finder thickness gauge and the sliding depth gauge automatically slides down to the exact halfway mark of your work material with the one halfway point set this makes it incredibly easy and fast to set the height of your table saw blade or router bit for a precise one half way cut into your material it’s a game changer and essential for perfect fitting joinery like half laps and railan style mating parts you can also use it to set the fences of your table saw router table and band saw to the one-half waypoint of your material cut quickly and accurately with the ease and pinpoint precision of the fit finder you’ll make better fitting projects save time and frustration and enjoy the hassle-free method of setting the center point of your workpiece [Music] toldo router bit 35 pieces set has sheer angle technology which can improve cutting quality speed and extend service life the inclined angle facilitates the removal of wood chips universal one-quarter shank perfectly fit most handheld or table router those router bits great for woods mdf particle board plywood or plastic [Music] [Music] [Music] we designed the precision router base to fit the dremel tool in the fordham tool we wanted a base that was lightweight made from metal not plastic and would let us see the work easily and work great in a guitar shot it’s height adjustable with accuracy a full turn of the thumb wheel raises or lowers the router 35 thousands that means you can set your depth easily for routing inlays the base turns the dremel tool into my favorite saddle slot router and it fits our saddle routing jig [Music] for cleaning and deepening gunked up fret slots it can’t be beat the built-in nozzle accepts an air tube to blow away dust i used the dremel tool the router base in this sound hole jig to cut the purfling in this little guitar that i’m making for my granddaughter sometimes i use it as a miniature shaper or a miniature grinder and tool sharpener you’ll find lots more uses for the router base in your shop [Music] sawset pro is a carpenter’s protractor that has been redesigned to be compatible with any miter saw unlike a standard protractor its scales have been calibrated to give miter saw settings with absolutely no math the sawset pro is double sided with two large easy to read scales one for double miters and the other for single miters with this simple to use tool and your t-bevel it just takes two easy steps to find absolutely any saw settings for any angle [Music] [Music] wide planing action provides a smooth surface excellent control and balance easily re-sharpened with a small diamond stone simply attach it to a standard 100 millimeters or 115 millimeters grinder and it can be used flat to create large level surfaces or used at angles to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping planing and sculpting [Music] maximum opening capacity is 4 inches maximum reach is 3 inches from edge of bar to center line of screw maximum load limit is 600 pounds ideal for do-it-yourselfers hobbyists carpenters cabinet makers woodworkers metal workers and professional trades people of all types ideal for rapid action clamping [Music] makitabilt brushless motor delivers 12 000 rpm for faster stock removal automatic speed change technology adjusts cutting speed and torque during cut for optimum performance auto start wireless system aws utilizes bluetooth technology for wireless power on slash off communication between tool and optional dust extractor aws capable with auto start wireless transmitter two blade cutter head with double-edged carbide blades for added performance and smooth finish [Music] jig is patented and easy to adjust and can be clamped on boards of different thicknesses easy to install and use suitable for drilling and wood board joints it is an ideal tool for panel furniture the steel block and clamping screw handle securely tightens the tools like a vise and the fine thread spacing of screw handle provides uniform and stable clamping pressure for clamping the work piece the jig with rugged aluminum sides holding work securely without damage to the wood the drilling bushing is made of high quality materials with high strength and accurate positioning when using a hand held drilling machinel the countersunk drill bushing allows the drill bit to slide into the hole easily ensuring the correct angle of the drill bit [Music] wood cutting saws feature 11 teeth per inch slash 12 points per inch for delivering a rough cut try bevel tooth design for faster more efficient with cutting wood saw makes quick work of limbs boards pvc and a variety of other materials hand saw for wood features built in 45 degrees and 90 degrees angle markings for guided cutting as well as a 17 inch ruler on the back of the manual saw for measuring in accurate cuts make quick precise cuts with this hand saw for trees [Music] do [Music] [Music] high performance 20v motor runs at 4300 rpm no load speed for faster cuts of wood bamboo plywood solid wood panel pvc tube with ease the adjustable depth knob allows cutting depth up to 52 millimeters at 90 degrees cutting depth up to 35 millimeters at 45 degrees zero to 45 degrees bevel capacity allows bevel cuts for multiple applications equipped with two pieces 24 t tct blades for wood cuts spindle lock is easy to change the blade with a hex wrench the laser is adjustable to meet all your requirements for cutting accuracy the laser ensures a professional and precise cutting line the parallel guide enables exact cuts along a work piece edge and cutting strips of the same dimension support large panels can improve the stability of this compact saw in cutting process [Music] [Music] [Music] you …

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