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hey we’re in my shop in east idaho and i thought this would be a great opportunity to show you top 10 tools that is a must-have in your wood shop in order to build things you’re watching timberman tv [Music] uh [Music] all right let’s start with number 10 and that’s going to be your skill saw let’s go check out the skill saw what it looks like and what it’s used for like the miter saw this is a circular saw this is a handheld saw a lot of them are corded this one’s battery powered this is going to be much more mobile than the miter saw but the problem with these is they can be pretty dangerous they can slip out of your hand or come back and bind so you got to definitely have some confidence when using a circular saw but this is something definitely handy to have on the job site if you want to make quick cuts all right at number nine is the miter saw and a miter saw table that i built i’ll show you how i built it let’s go check that tool out so this is the miter saw you don’t have to have it set up like i do with this whole miter saw table which i’d recommend to do which i just built out a three-quarter ply some four by four and a two by six making a very easy workbench that’s holding the miter saw up the great thing about the miter saw is it’s easy to cut 45 degree angles like that so this saw can swivel back and forth this way it can also swivel this way so it’s called a compound miter saw this is just an easy productive way much faster than a skill saw and more precise and safer than using a skill saw or a circular saw so here’s the miter saw all right at number eight is gonna be a belt sander let’s go check out the belt sander which is one aggressive beast the beast this is called a belt sander because it spins a belt along these wheels here and there’s different grips you can use typically with a belt sander you’re trying to hog off a lot of material so let’s say on this table if there was a higher portion of wood here than here that orbital’s not really going to work that well the belt sander is going to give you a much more flush finish so this thing is much more aggressive it can run away from you it can dig into wood if you’re not careful and it’s a great tool to have in your shop to get things down to an even plane all right at number seven is your orbital sander much relation to the belt sander it’s gonna be a little bit finer of a job so let’s go see what that thing looks like and what it’s used for here’s your orbital sander this is your little handy dandy guy after you’re done doing belt sanding this is going to be for finish so just like on this bench i’m working on this is down to a 220 grit nice and smooth and that’s we’re going to use this orbital sander for it’s not going to be good for taking large amounts of material off more for finishing with smooth surfaces number six is a table saw this is one of the most dangerous tools but it’s highly effective definitely something you want to have let’s go check that out here’s the table saw i love this bad boy it has those big old wheels easy to move around if you have a more permanent shop and you’re getting more advanced in carpentry then you can move to more of a stable outfeed table and something that’s completely built in i like having this mobile just because i might have different things going on in this shop this is a dangerous tool obviously you have a blade spinning at very high rpms right here things happen people lose their fingers mostly on this tool so make sure to look up how to use this tool safely maybe i’ll post a video on how to operate this tool safely but this is easy to rip down different widths out of material straight line material it’s a must-have in your carpentry shop all right number five is your compressor here’s the pancake compressor how you’re gonna use your brad nailer or your framing gun without air kind of a no-brainer gotta have air unless you’re gonna go with an all battery system which i don’t recommend they typically don’t have as much kick and power to them or you run out of battery so there’s that guy but over here i got a bigger one you can hook up a big compressor like this run hoses all around that setup is from the last shop i was in with this guy so you could have a big stationary compressor with all your chucks and air hoses or you can get this pancake which is much more mobile gets you air on the job sites for all your tools number four is a brad nailer or a pin nailer so this guy is going to shoot 18 gauge nails and this is something that you can tack material together say we’re shooting right here across before we come back with any screws or any other fasteners this guy is going to be a must-have in carpentry it’s one of your easiest fastening tools number three is clamps let’s go check out the different types of clamps these are my clamps i just hang them up here when i’m not using them you’re going to use these when you’re doing your table glue ups or gluing any wood together and you got to hold it together or hold wood down it’s definitely nice to have these really long clamps so that you can glue and clamp big table tops together all these little guys too and sometimes you don’t need those big clamps sometimes if you’re working on floating shelves or smaller projects these clamps are what you’re going to want to use carpentry is almost impossible without the use of clamps so make sure you pick up some clamps number two is a biscuit jointer let’s go see what that thing looks like this is your biscuit joiner there’s actually a blade inside there that comes out once you press this machine into material what this does is creates a slit in the side of material to then put what is called a biscuit in so what the heck is a biscuit glad you asked i have some right here there are these guys so they’re little uh like wood chips that slide into that slit that way when you join two pieces of wood together that are glued they have a better connection so biscuit joiner again this is used for joining wood together and gluing what’s good and number one it sounds so stupid but saw horses and a work table trust me the last thing you want to do with all these tools is work on the ground come on let’s go check them out all right and then we have our saw horses and work table man this shop is a mess which i love because we got a lot of projects going on it’s hard to get time in between just to clean up but it would be so much of a headache to not have all these saw horses that i could put material on to work on as well as a work bench this is an easy work table top to build it’s three quarter inch ply four by four by 2×6 just make a box and that’s something that gives you a level surface to work off of either but yeah you can’t work efficiently without having saw horses and a work table and if you can build a miter saw table so that’s definitely not every tool that i own it’s not every tool that you need or maybe there’s other tools that you’ll need for the special projects that you’re working on but that’s a good basis to start with if you have these tools in your shop you’ll be able to make a lot of products and have a lot of fun doing that if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to this channel hit that like button and click that notification bell leave a comment below let me know what your thoughts are on the different tools that you have or questions you might have about tools you’re watching timberman tv we’ll see you next time [Music] you

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