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hi I’m Anne of all trades and today I’m going to give you a tour of my tiny woodworking shop bonus it’s also an Easter egg hunt to see all of my old projects from all of my old videos see how many you can find this video is brought to you by wood crafts starting over brings with it a whole lot of awesome new opportunities like building my dream shop but I couldn’t go that long without having a workshop of my own so I decided to turn this little office space into an office and a woodshop and it’s working out really really well for me so far one thing that I take really seriously with every space that I’m going to be spending a significant amount of time is aesthetics so what better thing when I first walk in the door then to see this sign that my friend Mark Thomas stumped wood works made for me the day that we moved into our house here in Nashville that day 29 strangers showed up and helped us unload the moving truck what had taken me six days to fully load and put on the truck was unloaded completely in less than an hour’s time as you step one foot further into the shop you can see my mandolins one of which that I built directly below these mandolins is the shape horse that I built and I use this obviously to work on chairs and to carve spoons and other things like that below it I’m storing my enormous saw vise this is for sharpening panel saws this is my little reading nook and emphasis on little because this is a very small shop but it is a huge improvement over my laundry room workshop that I was in before I moved into my bigger workshop in Seattle so I’m definitely not complaining I love my tiny wood stove it keeps scraps and other things from collecting in my shop and it’s just really fun to you know have a nice warm fire while I’m reading although I probably will have a lot less opportunity to use it here in Tennessee that I did in Seattle but that’s alright and here we are at my workbench and right now I’m working on another whiskey cabinet this is one of my absolute favorite projects for a whole bunch of reasons first because I was able to teach this class at the lost art press storefront and for those of you that have been following me for a long time know that Christopher Schwartz is the reason that I pretty much got really into hand tool woodworking I also love this project because I wrote a magazine article about this design and it is one of the few things that I’ve also been able to see a whole bunch of you guys make and show off in the wild my favorite thing that’s hanging on this shelf is my tiny Windsor chair that I made with Greg Pennington here in Tennessee at his shop right before we moved here and this project is so special for so many reasons mostly because it was my last moment of peace and sanity and calmness before we embarked on this crazy move and this is probably the last vacation that I’ll have for quite some time right here on my bench is a restored antique quick-release vise and it’s extra special because it was actually restored for me well I didn’t know was for me but I’m a good friend Pat who actually helped fuel a lot of my hand tool loves and I actually thought he was restoring it for himself so I made him this handle for it and then he ended up gifting this to me and that’s pretty special so of course I had to put it onto my bench I guess I should talk a little bit about my workbench because this is one of the very few things that you’ll see in here that I made before I had a youtube channel this actually was my first project my brother-in-law introduced me to hand to a woodworking and Christopher Schwartz and got me started along this whole path and he and I built this together in his garage these were my very first dovetails this is a crazy tricky joint to try for the first time doing that but hey eight years later and it’s still solid as a rock these 6×6 Douglas fir legs are attached to the maple and elder top with a through mortise and tenon and then of course it’s draw board and pegged which basically squeezes the joint together as you do it and holds it there forever and ever one interesting thing about all this is that some of the wood especially these 6×6 posts were somewhat wet when I put it all together so it’s over time shrunk and still solid as a rock I should also talk a little bit about the height of my bench I designed it to have a very low center of gravity so that I could you know use my core as I was hand planing wood as it turns out it’s probably even a tad too short so in my new workshop although the new workbench that’s a little higher and of course I’ll make a video about that one thankfully bench height can be easily fixed with a Moxon vise this is another vise that lifts my work up and also supports it across this entire area there I have all these bench holes in my bench and I can use holdfasts like this one to secure it to the bench top but I’ve actually found that I really like using quick clamps instead one really fun thing about this Moxon vise in particular is that the hardware was made by my friend Jason Thigpen from Texas heritage wood works who wanted to come up with an affordable way to make hardware for home made vices like this one the thing that I really like about this vise besides the fact that it raises my work up to a workable height is also that it ports your work along its entire length so you know when you’re sawing dovetails it will hold this nice and taut and keep it from chattering here is my saw bench and this looks a lot like a sawhorse but it is actually much more versatile it is perfect for breaking down stalks so when I’m using a panel saw I can do so with the work well supported and at a comfortable position one step away from the workbench is my Dutch tool chest and this is where I have very well organized all of the tools that I use on a regular basis that aren’t hanging up on the shelves up there and this is a fantastic storage method it’s portable so I can you know wheel it over to wherever I want to use it there’s a video about this project on my channel as well so you can make sure to check that out down here I have the most coveted item in my entire shop my spool box and inside of it I keep all kinds of things that I just might need some time or another mostly a lot of rasps and files and [Music] screwdrivers ruler those kinds of things it doesn’t work super well because it kind of collapsed during the move but I’m gonna fix it someday with an easy reach of everyone’s workbench should be a fully set up ready to go sharpening station it’s absolutely crucial for your sharpening station to be easy to access and easy to use because then shocker you’re actually going to use it I sharpen my tools about every 15 minutes of hard use and if I have to get a whole bunch of stuff out to sharpen my tools I’m gonna wait longer to sharpen them and then that’s going to encourage me to be lazier about sharpening as often as I should a sharp tool is a safe tool and it’s a whole lot more enjoyable to use I’ll give you a quick peek at my sharpening station but if you want to know more about my sharpening methods make sure you go check out my videos on sharpening tools here we have my water stones the stone that I use to flatten my water stones and the diamond plates that I use when I’m teaching classes I also have my favorite honing guide the Lee Neilson Tool Works honing guide and a strap with polishing compound on it I also have a little rag here to dry my hands and a polishing cloth with jojoba oil very present so that I can wipe my tools and protect them with oil every time I’m finished sharpening I had to buy this little cabinet because I needed a place to put on my sharpening stuff but also because I needed more storage for things like carving chisels more chisels draw boar pins floats rasps and a chisel project that I’ve been working on for about 8 years now and by that I mean I worked on it eight years ago and never finished and here we’ve got some chair making tools and in here we’ve got a plane that I need to restore that’s another video project that I’ll be doing soon some auger bits and an antique plane that I refinished a whole long time ago and my panel razor plane that’s one of my absolute favorite tools here we have my very first tool cabinet and after the workbench this was my second project it actually used to be a whole thing that opened up with a piano hinge down this side so that’s what this is all about but I decided that it actually worked a lot better as a standalone hanging cabinet and I gave the other half of this cabinet to Darrel when I sold him our old farm because it just seemed nostalgic to leave him with some tools and a tool chest that I built was there a few things that I really liked about this design are this saw tool that you know allows me to just keep a couple handy saws right there by the way this is my absolute favorite handsome made by my friend Eric Florrick and also the way the plains are stored in here this actually was my brother-in-law’s idea and it works fantabulously well it basically uses gravity to keep your plains perfectly upright and looks pretty cool here and while I’m standing here I’ll just give a really little thing this is actually sawdust that I took from my grandfather’s workshop when he passed away in 2001 and the craziest thing is that when I open it it’s still to this day smells like his shop and that’s a pretty cool thing the awesome thing about this tool chest much like the Dutch tool chest is that it also holds pretty much everything you need to have a working set of tools I have a rip and a crosscut panel saw and then my hybrid filed saw by Eric I have a dovetail saw and a coping saw a place to hold my scrapers my chisels are stored in here I have two different router planes they’re my spoke shaves they’re my grandfather’s hand plane that I restored and try to use on every single project and then you have the only three hand claims that anyone really needs a jointer plane a jack plane and a smoothing plane inside the drawers are a couple things that are also pretty special a marking gauge that was made for me by my friend Jeff Hamilton my furniture stamps that I used to put a touch mark on my furniture and router plane blades router planes are my favorite kind of plane if no one knew that already right here we have my spoon carving toolbox and actually this was my grandfather’s toolbox so again another piece of significance there and in here I’ve got my hook knives my axes various accoutrement behind me here you’ll see the top part of the writing desk project that I did with Mark spagnolo the Wood Whisperer and that’s only because I actually had to repurpose the desk part for my computer when we moved here because I had no other furniture this just holds a whole bunch of random shop garbage we have my tiny workbench with my Marko Terenzi tools my tiny anvil if you don’t know this about me I’m super obsessed with tiny things so there’s that everything here is fully functional the plane taking the mallet obviously fixes the hold fast into place and the vise works as well but it’s currently holding something so it’s not a disaster there over here we have the wall of shame and this is all the projects that I’ve been working on for a ridiculous amount of time and haven’t finished here’s the coffee tables that I was working on at for Adam the first week that we moved here as you can see those who’ve moved right along some pitchforks you can expect these videos sometime by 2050 another whiskey that is also in progress the Dutch told us that some of you may have watched me build on YouTube it is currently waiting for me to finish setting up my blacksmith shop so that I can finish making hinges for it and put it back together paint it all that jazz a ton of people ask me how it is that I manage my time and my projects and this my friends is how this is called scrum analysis and hanging on these little pegs are white boards that contain basically the way that I run my entire life in my entire schedule I learned about this process from my friend Josh neva you can look up resources online on scrum analysis I’ve talked a lot about how this helps me manage my focus and my attention deficit as well as my depression it works amazingly well but it’s a constantly evolving thing and yeah it’s helping me do a whole lot more than I was able to do before I started doing it the nice thing about all of these panels though is that they can also be flipped around so that it’s looking at all of my tattoos it’s stressing me out I can just put them away and forget them forget about them for a little period of time over here we have my Kennedy chest that also holds a whole bunch of random shop stuff from my pencils and ridiculous amounts of pencil led I’m also pretty obsessed with writing implements so there is that and then one of the few collections that Adam allowed me to bring to Nashville woman let’s be honest he didn’t allow me that just happens because you didn’t know about it my collection of dividers and calipers if you’ve ever seen my logo the symbol a comes from a pair of dividers and also happens to look like an aide from Anna ball trades right behind me is another shamefully unfinished project this is now a theme I guess I thought I built it a few years ago with my friends at homestead Heritage in Waco Texas and currently it’s a holder for all of my snacks and here is one of the first bowls I turned and a very fancy way to eat my Cheerios with my fresh cows milk a guilty pleasure because I spend basically all day every day and here a little kitchenette coffeemaker microwave over here we have my water tank which is probably the best $70 I’ve ever spent because it keeps me hydrated which is also another very very important thing about managing stress depression and focus issues so here we go then in my fridge we have popsicles pickles Kido meat sticks basically all the necessary items down here we put everything that I need to be out of my sight because I have to have a clean surface in here to be able to focus on anything that I’m ever doing here’s my tiny little bathroom and I will show it to you later I promise but it needs a little renovation actually the little kitchen that I was just showing you over there is going to replace the shower that is unnecessarily currently in here and then that can become another little workstation and give me some more room to do Potter be raised in the woodshop over here we have my desk you can find that video online as well my little printer stand because who has time to have breakfast in bed anyway my Democratic chair this video hasn’t come out yet but it will soon so have patience and of course my computer this is where I do all my emails all my editing all my everything and everything and then when I’m sick of doing that I look over here and I practice my mandolin as well we have a TV that I’ve turned on exactly one time that was put here to watch YouTube videos but let’s be honest because I make the YouTube videos I don’t have a ton of time to watch them and my other whiteboard that helps keep me focused and the coolest of all coolness is the plans for my dream woodworking shop which will soon be right there a huge thank you goes to woodcraft for sponsoring this channel for the last two years and making making videos like this possible I am so thankful for their support and the fact that they even exist because they are a fantastic place to go physically to the store to get advice from actual woodworking experts when it comes to buying tools buying finishes and other supplies that you need for your projects and they have an easy-to-navigate website where you can buy all those same tools supplies and wood for your projects from the comfort of own home and have it delivered there as well thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video and for supporting my channel in that way thank you also for your support encouragement and patience as I get everything set back up here in Tennessee I hope you leave this video feeling challenged inspired and excited to get outside and to do things with your own hands as well Cheers yeah it’s all about the aesthetic there’s garbage on my floor in here and actually let’s be honest and there’s like poop in that corner okay cool oh and I can just like crouch down or I could just like turn here all right perfect [Laughter] …

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