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hey guys it’s Matt Brander here I just got done actually watching stumpy nubs this latest video they’re so pretty – sawdust sorry behind the sawdust I think it’s actually Coulter anyway on there he’s the first time I’ve seen anybody uh kind of intelligently speak out against Ted’s Woodworking and 16,000 free plans that he puts out so anyway he said I’ve always heard people say you know he can speak up you do something about this but what he literally said is anybody that’s a content creator that hasn’t do with woodworking create a video label that video Ted’s working 16,000 free plans scam scam scam so that every time somebody goes to youtube and types in Ted’s Woodworking 16,000 free plans or whatever if they happen to come up on it what the idea is that they’re gonna come upon our videos first of us telling the world how much of a scam this is and how much this guy is actually stealing from the woodworking community and giving absolutely nothing back so that’s what this is all about if anybody’s watching this that has the ability to do so make a video put it up on YouTube make the title be Ted’s Woodworking 16,000 plans free scam scam scam we want to flood that and especially with the hashtags and your extra tagging that you’re doing the bottom make sure to put all those tags in it so that when anybody searches for this on YouTube they’re gonna find our stuff first of all people telling them the truth about the scam artists and for Ted’s Woodworking you’re 16,000 free plans you

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