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this is my new workshop and it’s losing money and so today not only am I going to show you around [Music] but I am going to tell you the plan the question is is this plan actually good enough to make me any money or will it all come Crashing Down Under a pile of debt and failure that’s for you to decide because it all starts here in the Machining area this incredible space is filled with all of my wood processing equipment such as my bandsaw planer and power tools and is just one of six rooms that we’re going to be exploring today each of them being essential in making my long-term plans for this place come to life this room alone is already twice the size of my old workshop and it’s actually big enough to fit my entire van in it also leads directly onto three of the other rooms that we’re going to be exploring today but first I want to try this teasers tape measure behind you get them bring them in for those of you tuning in Please be aware that mods insurance does not condone participation in this game please do so at your own risk well then possibly the end of it thank you what’s that about three meters yeah cool roll it the most teaser [Applause] let’s go [Laughter] try eight meters eight meters [Music] right as out as far as it goes right we need to get the tape measure the tape measure but we’ll do that in a minute this space is large enough to fit projects such as the river table with ease speaking of which I get a ton of questions from people interested in buying this and so if you’re one of them take a look at the link in the description but in addition to my own projects this space will be used for the production of project packs which will be pre-machined pre-dimensioned Timber that you can use to follow the lessons on my free online woodworking school but once machined I need a place to store the packs and so much like the old Workshop we’ve got a mezzanine floor up here I’m going to be storing all sorts of stock such as my marking knives that have gone down a storm with Woodworkers all over the globe and come in a variety of Timbers and metals to suit your preferences and I’m also currently storing these toolboxes that I keep forgetting to promote which are one-off items that I don’t plan on making again there’s links to everything in the description if you’re interested so be sure to check that out but the question is where is all this stock going to be made well it all happens down below in the woodturning area woodturning is notoriously bad for creating dust hence my reasoning behind isolating these machines in a room with their own dedicated extraction and air filter [Music] nice for ease of access I’ve got all the tools and accessories required for wood turning mounted on the walls and I’ve got this CNC lathe that’s going to be used to create tools that I’m hoping to have in production by the end of the year I also store a ton of Blanks on these shelves that have been machined from all sorts of weird and wonderful Timbers but that’s only the Smallwood store because [Laughter] it’s okay I got away with that but over there is only the Smallwood store because over here is the larger one and there is all sorts of cool stuff in here some of my favorites include this malleable a huge block of cocobolo gun grade claro Walnut 5 000 year old bog Oak these incredible Timbers from Australia Kingwood Rosewood oh and of course this lovely bit of true stud now obviously everything up until this point has been based on wood processing next we’re going to look at metal the metal working room in here I store all sorts of tools such as my files threading equipment electrical tools that I’ll be using for the van conversion a metal shear an arbor press a metal lathe and of course a milling machine the idea here was to create a clean room that could be used to minimize the risk of dust contaminating things Okay so we’ve done this room we’ve done the mezzling floor we’ve done that room we’ve just done that one and so I’ve hit all the back no no no no no Rob no yeah no it’s time for [Music] all right rob you got the tape measure yeah good pass it here come on come on off we go you’re good back there Rob [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well I guess this will do oh hello you ready yeah cool send it come back side in a minute all right so while that’s going on we are going to have a look through here because what we’re walking through right now is that no no no no no no no this way this way this way we’re not going to show it yet because this chill out room it’s a bit of a mess if you watched the video where I moved into this place you’ll understand why many of my personal belongings have ended up in the workshop but I decided to make the best of a bad situation and make it an actual setup that would act as an area to relax and possibly even a staff room if I managed to get to the point of employing someone but how do you chill out without food well through here is the kitchen honestly this has been the biggest luxury so far I’ve got a sink microwave fridge hob air fryer Coffee Machine toaster and loads of Bato soup potatoes through here we’ve got the bog bog YouTube play button and the office this is one of my favorite rooms in the whole building which is fortunate because I’ve had to spend so much time in here getting up to date on things and putting plans into motion now this whole Workshop has been a massive upgrade and one of the things I was conscious of was losing the character and spirit of the old Workshop therefore it’s very important for me to try and capture that within this Workshop too and so in this final area I have recreated the set and in here I plan on offering one-to-one online tuition obviously I want to increase video output and also I’ve got three benches in here which can be used to offer in-person courses to get all five steps of these plans implemented obviously I’m gonna need an extra pair of hands and so for that reason any revenue generated over the coming months is going to be put into one pot to help fund the salary of someone to help me out and so in spirit of that I have done a full-on website restock of knives I’ve got a bunch of clearance items on there and of course if you want to purchase merchandise or dish special items or just donate to the channel directly now is the time to do it I would be massively appreciative because it all goes towards the momentum of trying to get this thing going so I can do what I intended to do by moving into this place I’ve just remembered that the maltesers rolling if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to press the like button subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next video not far now I reckon not far now ah [Music] [Laughter] …

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