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a few months ago Morley Kurt burst onto the scene taking a pallet and turning it into 550 bucks I love that hustle so I’m gonna try let’s go find a pallet [Music] we’re in our neighbors that was 30 seconds such nice guys I knew they’d have pallets they always give nuts to store stuff so call it cheating call it whatever you want Morley had a pallet lined up on the Internet so this palette’s in pretty good shape it’s all pine but it’s three-quarter material so it should get better yield and actually be able to make something out of it so Morley doesn’t have a big robust Workshop he’s basically using beginner tools so I’m gonna do the same thing for this project I’m gonna break this sucker down and then see how much magic I’ve got in it to make something awesome foreign got all of the nails out of it uh fortunately none of them stuck probably because this is all pine next thing I’m going to do I’m going to surface it on each side with The Lunchbox planer because most you guys probably don’t have a 10 horsepower 25 inch helical head planer so I’m going to use the one that you have because I love you oh boy we’re not going to have any dust collection on this thing because I took that housing off when we did that stupid tick tock [Music] that could work but I’m done with that that’s so dangerous [Music] I don’t miss this at all I gotta remember how to do it but I’m gonna change the blades I’m hoping this speed things up because this is pretty terrible we are so far 20 minutes in to this part of the project 40 total 45 total mm-hmm so this is the cutter head these are double-sided and there’s a magnet on there for a reason this side still nice and sharp so I got pretty lucky here indent about a bang put the cover back on [Music] that was 50 more minutes hate that thing now I get to have more fun and use this sucker and I’m going to rip them down before gluing them up oh I should be able to get away with not having a straight edge because it’s straight enough on most of these that I’ll be able to flatten them and get them all done after glue up that’s my hope at least we are doing our annual Black Friday live on Black Friday at 10 a.m till noon we’re giving away a bunch of prizes tools wood all kinds of awesome stuff you’re not going to want to miss it make sure you set your alarms Black Friday 10 a.m Eastern Live on YouTube next thing I need to do is glue these up and I’m trying to do this the same way uh Morley did his now a lot of you are probably going to give me but I have to use the clamps that I have and I apologize that these are nice even though I don’t have to because I got the big tools I’m still going to do it the same way Morley did it and glue it up in Under 12 inch sections not bad for literally just throwing them in there huh boomshaka 11 and a quarter so now it’s just time for some glue everything always broke around here it’s supposed to make that noise squiggles never swirls it’s a tiny roller it warms my insides to use infant size roller I’m just more curious to see if we can fraudulently act like I didn’t build it and then see if someone would buy it the flatter I can get it in glue up the less work I’ll have to do after you are going to do something like this these are called I-beam clamps but you can get you can get like the same effect on a pipe clamp and a pipe clamps are pretty cheap and you can get a lot of fastening pressure as you can see here some good glue squeeze out we’re going to let those go overnight then I’ll plane them and do the second glue up we’re an hour and 45 minutes of total labor with a little only a little bit of Dilly dallying in there so let those rest some scenes in the morning the next day fudge this up in the glue up huh you saw a now Morley didn’t do any of this but I’m gonna hit this with my hand plane and we’ll go with this guy you know why we’re going with this watch Tyler it has sentimental value feed no because I got it out of my grandfather’s trash and then I restored it so money wise it was Zero doll hairs so you can’t even complain you don’t have this to do something like this thank you [Music] all right we gotta mock it up see what our joint looks like when you don’t have a joiner it’s what happens let me see how it we got a gap because we got crowning from here to here [Music] foreign this is a DIY track saw that I made for a tick tock video and if you haven’t seen it you can see that in here well can I fit it on the screen I’m going to use that to get a straight edge [Music] hand me down block plane the comments will be like how do you sharpen your block plane that’s Blaster your clamps everything is a problem I think we’re good this is the one perk to this process now this this glove only has one scene [Music] so that was another that was 40 minutes to do that we’re like two and two hours 25 minutes right now so warm if I wasn’t wearing this amazing hoodie but you should definitely grab and I’m definitely not taking off because it’s so comfortable I’m just gonna go sweat in the corner excuse me a few moments later that’s a [Laughter] H got him it’s got a drive by that followed you back because it doesn’t smell foreign if you’re doing this at home kids you can also butt your saw up against it and give yourself a straight line we’re going with a 40 inch table top [Music] don’t need your stinking clamp completely missed big whipper room well if I am where all right I got a little Ridge here because I uh didn’t put anything in these for the glue up so we’re just gonna knock that down flatten the bottoms that’s flatter it says the cheapest sander I own with a battery that costs twice as much as the sander and unless I use one of my other ones I’d be not building it like our boy Marley Marley sorry I don’t speak English well so Marty here it’s not natsuki I’m gonna put some resin in there to Purdy it up had to take a break from the epoxy to see a bear eating ice cream we do keep a bear in the shop ninja eats ice cream Jordan is miserable right now he ate the Diablo hot fire butthole sandwich from Arby’s it didn’t look fun I wouldn’t I wouldn’t I’m worried about your weekend the next day beautiful right I agree a little bit of sanding touch up here on the epoxy part then clean up those edges get some finish on this table legs are in get this sucker on the internet sell it show the world you can make money let’s go finish this sucker off we’re gonna hit it with a little bit of the Amber varnish uh Halcyon from Total boat I wanted to Amber up it’ll give it like more of a rich golden Vibe which is kind of what I’m going for and look really nice with the black so I’m going to clean this sucker off here and then put the finish on [Music] finishing Pine is very underwhelming got our table legs here exact same ones Morley got and they’re going to be adorable on this coffee table I’m telling you the cutest now they Supply these screws here we’re going to use threaded inserts because it’s the proper way to do it this tool is awesome so this is my cheaper one because I’m trying to keep this project approachable but it’s essentially a drill press for a drill so we use it to do our threaded inserts around here I’ve got a nice one from woodpeckers but this one works great doing things the right way takes longer no because Tyler built it it’s going on Tyler’s Facebook table let’s go take photos and list her on the internet oh no I made it [Laughter] so Morley took his table to an art gallery I don’t have any friends so we’re not going to do that I’m going to take some pictures here in the shop get the sucker on Facebook all right so I’m on Tyler’s account I’m getting them up and listed we’ve got five picks title industrial coffee table price we’ll go 600 that’s what Morley started at it’s a handcrafted reclaimed wood coffee table measuring 40 by 21 by 18. the table features metal legs and an Amber urethane varnish it is the perfect custom industrial piece for your home publish all right send it Tyler she’s ripping now we just wait and see [Applause] [Music] so the listing’s been up on Tyler’s Tyler’s a place for a week now we’ve got zero interest so I think the only option here now is to list it on mine so it’s been on my Facebook Marketplace for four days now I got one hit I think he was trying to scam my ass so I guess the only option left for us is to put it on my social pages and see if that works one eternity later well it’s been four more days and um 25 000 people saw my Instagram listing zero people want to buy this table I think I got out hustled by Morley what I was trying to do here was like literally just give the table to whoever showed up to pay me and I couldn’t even get people to just show up and look at the thing I think Morley put a lot more work and effort into hammering the local markets I got really lazy with it not gonna lie now I’m just gonna have to give it to Tyler do you want the table here cool so Tyler’s got a new table moral of the story is that it’s not always about the big tools the fancy shop all the crazy stuff we’ve got going on here that’s not what makes you successful Morley is a prime example of someone who just put in the work put in the hustle and absolutely crushed this project hats off to him great work there my friend I got my ass kicked on this one I don’t know what I did wrong if you haven’t got any suggestions let me know and if you want to see me build more weird play this right here

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