wooden work table

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holy sweet oh yeah [Music] are you someone who has a small shop and a limited amount of tools but you need a workbench i got you i’m gonna build this workbench using only these three power tools which most units should have let’s go so for this build i’m only going to use three tools a drill a circular saw and a portable table saw a lot of you guys request for me to build projects with less tools well here you go this thing’s gonna be bomb proof and it should be a really really really solid rolling work table with a shop this big we’re going to need something that is mobile so i’ve got a killer plan and we’re only going to use construction grade materials on this too so eat your heart out diy let’s go so i said three tools and that’s actually three power tools obviously i’m gonna need a couple other things in order to build this project but none of them are going to require power i’m doing this intentfully because i want our projects to be more approachable for you guys and i also want to know what other projects yins want to see with basic tools so please don’t complain if you see me with a speed square a chisel or some clamps glue that kind of stuff because most of you guys probably have that so let’s get the build first thing we’re gonna do is break down our leg material these are eight foot two by sixes and there’s a plan available if you want to do this i’m gonna rough saw them down a little bit oversized glue them up so i can get the thickness that i want for the legs and i’m just going to use a speed square why would i use a miter saw because most ians don’t have one you love to see me struggle that’s red [Music] i hate being on the floor i do this because i love you all right so now we’re gonna glue these up create a thicker leg profile here a little bit more beef and who doesn’t like more beef oh yeah so because all of these legs are the same size i’m literally just gonna batch clamp i’m gonna batch clamp them all together at once that way i don’t have to pull out 72 different clamps because i don’t even know where our clamps are right we just found this one set also just so you know squiggles never swirls there’s no science behind it glue is glue i like to write my name in it so because i absolutely despise the round over on a 2×4 we’re gonna rip it off square these up give ourselves a nice uniform three inch board [Music] these been drying for a few hours because we’re impatient children bottle glue there put that there [Music] i’ve got the rest of the lumber laid out here on the saw horses i’m making myself a rudimentary bench because i realized that if you’re building this workbench you may not have a workbench that would kind of make sense right so we’re going to square up the legs height-wise then we’re going to cut our joinery which is always fun all right so now we’ve got all of our legs cut to length kind of now we’re going to mark out all of our joinery so it’s easier to lay everything out at once and then you can use square so we’re going to make lap joints so this thing is like rock solid the lap joint will give it a shoulder in here and here to rest on multiple glue surfaces it’ll be much stronger than a pocket hole or just your standard face screw it’ll also look cleaner which we like so i’m going to set the depth of my circular saw here to be the same just a smidge inside the depth of the wood and then i’ll clean it up with a chisel don’t get upset that i’m using a chisel yes it’s a tool it’s not a power tool real quick before we continue on building out this a badass bench i want to take a second to thank this week’s sponsor skillshare for those of you that are not familiar with skillshare get yourself familiar it’s awesome skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of different courses and classes across like the most broad array of subjects that you can possibly think of we’ve been using skillshare as a team to learn for years whether it’s photography videography drafting and drawing online with something like fusion360 whatever you can think of it’s probably got a course on skillshare currently i’m taking the youtube success class with marquez brownlee mkbhd and it’s absolutely phenomenal dude is a whiz and expert and is giving all of that juice out there on skillshare which is amazing i love learning and getting better at what i’m doing regardless of if i’m in the shop or if i’m outside of the shop if it’s in business being a dad being a husband being a friend whatever it is skillshare is awesome for pretty much everything i need in life they’re also awesome because they’re giving the first thousand people to click the link in my description a free month to try out skillshare so what do you have to lose you hit that link you sign up you try some things out and you get better just like the rest of us around here who love skillshare now let’s get better at building and get back to this build thank you skillshare so here’s the hot tip you want to start with your outside lines and then you can come back in and quickly remove the middle so you can see here i’m lining up my square got my saw blade kerf right on the inside and if you leave the line you’ll have something to work to [Applause] now this is the fun part everyone loves breaking out all this material so if you wanted to you could just put these blocks in on the one side but you still have to knock out this side essentially what ended up happening was as i removed that it ended up being the exact width of the two by material that we’re using our glue up so it just broke right there at the scene oh i need a longer clamp [Music] all right so next thing we need to do is cut all of our cross pieces they’re all the same length i need 10 of them so i’m going to batch cut these you see framers do stuff like this i’m not a framer i just play a carpenter on the internet so kind of same thing here and i’ll come back to the other side i think that’s my last cut nope i have to cut the tops i’m on the floor i hate it but do it for you guys because i love you this is my wood shop i can’t use we don’t have power to a single thing now i’m going to glue and screw the leg assembly together and this should go pretty quick because this is like the most basic of designs this joinery method here is super sturdy and can also be used in like regular furniture projects a lot of people really like the look of a lap joint sam and i being two of those people so it’s a pretty good skill builder if you’re looking to get a little better at it holy john it’s a table almost it looks like at like a farm stall most of my projects look like a farm stall actually that’s what we’re going to call this place the park i was thinking of calling it hq because that sounds cool as hell yeah but that’s still not original farm stall all right now the next thing we’re going to do is put cross pieces in for strength it’s going to be easier to lay them out like this so i’m going to find the middle which is 48 inches the middle of that is 20 24 inches come on jordan you were valedictorian you were the fakest valedictorian history of valedictorian that works here we know you can barely read it that’s actually a job requirement to work here barely read yeah yeah because indentured servitude is illegal okay so to speed things up now i’m gonna get my screws in there first and then i can just bang bang all the cross members in i personally like to have screw placement if i’m going to use them and expose them kind of uniform so i use a line i know lines are hard but you could try jordan may i poo poo yeah so we’ve got our tops here our mdf that’s medium density fiberboard for those of you that were curious on what it stood for i gotta cut out some notches for the bottom and then we should be able to tilt this sucker sideways and get it in there if not i’ll have to cut it in half and then re-stick her back let’s see three shorter screws you know what it is kids mdf comes 49 by 97 or black that’s how i wanted it i planned it that way i’ll buff out so glad you’re the one that did it you made the correct move not standing on that i don’t think i liked glove jordan i bought these the other day i was like i don’t know if i should have bought these i’m glad i have they’re so comfy and warm and my hands they look so worn in already yeah this is from two days of moving so i got these casters on the amazon that are on the outside so that way the table can sit down when we want it to so these will make it nice to roll this sucker around be awesome perhaps go practice our surfing because jordan really wants to get into that a lot of us big surf here in pennsylvania it actually happened of course you have your pilot girl scout professional skier i can’t wait till we try to move this with on it it all rolls off roll and rules sweet oh yeah [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and there you have it a 4×8 rolling workbench that i did in three hours-ish with only three power tools super easy basic build that you should definitely try at home if you’re interested we’ve got a plan available as well as we are looking for suggestions for more basic projects like this because we love you in so much we’ve got the space let’s make some awesome stuff if you want to see more shop projects i’ve got a whole playlist right here …

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