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ever since I started posting videos on Tick Tock and YouTube the question that I’ve received into my emails and Instagram Direct messages the most is what tools do I need if I want to start doing the kind of woodworking you’re doing here so that’s why I’m making this video today to just run down the basic tools you need to stack your woodworking Journey now I began my woodworking journey two summers ago basically I wanted to build a wooden boat known as a korok and I didn’t have any prior woodworking knowledge both my parents were accountants so we didn’t have any Workshop or anything set up so I had to go about learning from scratch I also didn’t have a whole pile of money to be buying all these fancy power tools with so I took to the internet car boot sales Auto jumbles you name it I was there and I was buying old SARS chisels planes whatever I could get my hands on by the time I had the bolt finished I had absolutely fallen in love with the process of restoring these older tools I also found that a lot of the older tools especially the hand planes were far superior and quality to the cheaper stuff you could buy nowadays I should also mention I’m only going to be talking about and tools in this video I have a table saw and a chop saw down here so I do have hand tools but you can see now they haven’t been used in a while and that’s because I believe if you’re starting off with woodworking it’s a waste of money for you to be buying any fancy power tools everything you need you can do with tools that we’ve been using for generations and generations and are powered with no electricity nosp elbow grease also hand tools are cheaper easier to maintain and fix not as noisy less dangerous and just far more satisfying to use so let’s begin we all have our voices and this is the Woodworkers if you want to be working wood you’re going to need something to clamp that wood in place while you’re working now you can’t go too far wrong with a vice to see what you can find out there there’s a screw and they’re tighten like that if you want to get real fancy you can get one with a quick release which means you can just press this fella in I mean this fella forwards and backwards without having to do a whole load of this so now that we have something to hold our wood into place we’re going to need something to mark it out before we can do anything to us and for this we’re going to need a set of measuring and marking tools now to actually physically Mark out your wood you can just use a humble pencil or if you’re feeling fancy you can use a marking knife like this describe out your lines or if you’re trying to save yourself a bit of money and get a nice scribe you can just use a Stanley knife like this fella here now there’s a whole pile of different squares you can get from just the standard Capital Square here to a sliding Square big and small they all do the same thing just depends how much money you’re willing to spend and whether or not you need a big square or a small square for the type of work you’re doing but they all do the same thing just American 90 degree angles on pieces of wood before you cut them but you’re not just going to be working with square angles and that’s why you should probably also pick yourself up a sliding bevel like this guy here this allows us to pick an angle lock it into place here with a screwdriver a flathead screwdriver is also something you should add to your toolbox by the way but once we have an angle locked into place we can hold it like that for the whole duration of the project and we can just use that to translate the same angle until whatever it is we’re marking and then cutting you might also want to pick yourself up a set of dividers like this fella here very useful for transferring measurements or just marking out the same measurement over and over again and also a marking gauge these are very easy to find and basically you can just bring it up to a piece of wood and then Mark the whole way along this just like this there’s also more contemporary versions now they are more expensive but they do work slightly better so I suppose it depends how much money you’re willing to spend on us at the minutes but this is a tool you’ll pretty much always have by your side so with a few of them tools you should be able to manage all the marking out you’ll need to do at the beginning now let’s get to the fun part the cutting tools more specifically chisels now there’s many types of different chisels you can get for example beveled Edge chisels like these fellas here mortising chisels like this huge fella here and the small fellas up there and also firmer chisels like this one here which are kind of like our beveled Edge chisels we were looking at earlier except there’s no bevel along the edge now if you want to shop around you can find lots of beautiful old chisels good quality Sheffield steel that people are giving away for next to nothing but if you don’t have easy access to those I would recommend you just buy a set of four chisels from either Stanley or Miracles don’t go off and buy yourself the cheapest set of chisels you can find the steel in them will be incredibly soft and you will spend more time sharpening them than actually using them but if you buy a decent set of beveled Edge chisels plastic handle ones are totally fine I will do 90 of the things that you will require chisels to do when you’re just starting out so on the topic of chisels you’re going to need something to strike them with you’re going to need a malice now do not go off and buy yourself a malice if you can find one lying about the place already that’s great use that but you should always try make your own malice in my most recent video I actually made this Mallet from scratch using some scrap water headline about to play so I’ll try link that below or at the end of the video but you’ll be much more proud of a Malachi made yourself than anyone that came out of the factory and it’s a great way to practice your woodworking skills now people are always going to say how are you going to make a malice unless you have a mallet to make it in the first place you can get by without it one if you let’s say use a hammer or a big heavy stick or something so make your mallets and now for my favorite tools of all the noble hem plane so there’s a huge variety of hand planes to choose from the biggest one I own being this number eight jointer plane here at two feet long all the way down to this incy Wincy Stanley 101 here now the thing about very big and very small planes is that they’re designed to do a few specific jobs very well as a beginner you’re going to want one plane that can do lots of things fairly well and that is why I pretty much exclusively recommend beginners start off with the Stanley number five now you can still buy new number fives but the decent ones are a couple of hundred quid so I would recommend you go about and you find vintage planes now these are incredibly easy to fix up I have another tutorial somewhere but once you get these going they’re a very satisfying tool to use and they’re also incredibly useful the number five is known as the Jack plane after jack of all trades and that’s because you can tune it to do a variety of different jobs you can kind of use it as a jointer plane to join the edges of two boards together like the number eight we were just looking at you can also use it as a smoothing plane to take down boards and make them nice and smooth or you can increase the depth of the iron with the adjustment knob here and take off big fat shavings and that allow you to prepare rough stock into usable finished wood in no time as well as a bench plane like the number five we were just looking at you might also want to pick yourself up a nice little block plane like this now these are also very easy to find second hand and they’re useful if you just need to add a nice chamfer and a piece very easily or if you’re trying to go over end grain if you get these good and sharp they’re fantastic for that as well so you could probably get by without it but they’re also nice one to start off with now not too distant from hand planes another essential tool I would recommend you getting is a Spoke shave now you can get metal ones or if you’re looking a bit older you can get wooden ones I find the wooden ones work better on green wood which is wood that has just been cut down from the tree and the angle of the edges slightly narrower which makes it a bit better for slicing through the wet fibers but the majority of woodworking you’ll be doing will probably be with dry wood so a Stanley 151 is probably your best bet shops still sell these and although they’re not the best spoke Shades in the world I use them all the time and they work pretty much Grand now if you’re ever working on a handle like let’s say for a malice or anything like this you’re gonna need a spork shave to come along and round over all your edges they’re also incredibly useful if you’re just trying to shave let’s say a curved part of the chair leg or anything like that that you’re not able to do with the flat sole of a plane a Spoke shave will do that for you another important genre of tools you’re going to have to worry about is SARS now this can be pretty daunting just because there’s so many different types of saws uh serving different functions and uses but I’m going to go over a brief number of saws that’ll probably be able to do all the jobs you’ll have to worry about as a beginner first saw we’re going to look at and in my opinion the most important is the rip cut saw now this fella here is a rip cut saw and generally speaking these saws are about 26 inches give or take now rip cut saws were the table saws of their time basically if you want to rip down along the length of a piece of wood you used your rip cut saw obviously if you can afford it and there’s one lying around just feed it through the table saw and Away you go but these fellas they’re very easy to find they’re abundant you clean up the blade you sharpen the teeth and Away you go again if you get these you’re gonna have to keep in mind that you’re going to have to find a triangular file and learn to sharpen them but once you get them going there is nothing more satisfying than throwing a piece of wood up on a saw horse and just powering your way through a big long length of wood now as well as a rip cut saw you’re going to want to get a Crosscut saw like this color here and the same way a rip cuts are cuts down along the grain across the cuts are cuts across the grain like this now these are both vintage Stars which means the teeth haven’t been tempered which means we can bring a fire to them and sharpen them up all the way down until eventually they start to shrink away into nothing like this is the same model of saw here and you can see now one has a lot more length on the blade than the other just because this one has been sharpened a lot more you can buy Modern saws with our plastic handles which are far less comfortable to hold but they will be much sharper but once they go dull you can sharpen them you just have to draw them out and I really like the idea of holding onto a saw for a very very long time but I suppose if you did want the convenience of just having a nice sharp saw ready to go you could just buy one from the store and use this until it doesn’t work anymore that’s up to you another little server you’re going to want to pick up is a coping saw that’s this fella here and that it’s for just kind of causing less curves and corners and details and twists as I’ve always said I can’t cope with them and you can’t cope without them as well if you’re ever cutting dovetails these fellas are very good for kind of getting the entirely awkward angles and just removing bits of wood now I have a little saw rack here with a few different tenances carcassars you name it it helps if you’re doing small Fine Carpentry work you could get a genser like this for cutting dovetails this is actually a dedicated dovetail saw and you can see the handle is kind of in more of a pistol grip it’s a bit easier to hold but it’s all known to personal preferences these are also fairly easy to find it might be worth your while finding a nice tenants are like that same story you sharpen the teeth and it makes it a bit easier for fine joinery but depends on the work you’re doing you might be able to get away without a few of these now the thing about these planes and chisels is that after a while of use they’re going to get blunt and now you’re gonna have to worry about sharpening them for a large portion of recent history oil Stones like this filler were used so you saturate them in oil and use the core side to sharpen away the primary bevel and then you flip it around to the Fine side which used for the very tip and that gives you a nice very sharp edge now I don’t use an oil Stone all that much because if we take another look at it we can see that after a lot of use it kind of starts to curve inward to smile but now it might show up on video but if I brought up a metal rule or something to this you can see there’s a load of light getting in underneath us so so we have an extra bit of cash lying about I would recommend you get a diamond Stone like this fella here exact same principle there’s a core side 400 grit and then you can flip it around to a thousand grits and exact same principle either way whichever one you decide to go with once you’re done you’re gonna have to strap your Edge and basically that removes a tiny little bit of metal that’s built up at the edge and it also polishes it a strap is just bit of leather with the Fluffy side facing upwards and strapping compound or car Polishing Compound whatever you want to use cover it in that and then just rub your Edge along it a few times and before you notice you’ll have an edge that is sharp enough to shave hairs right from your arms and do all the woodworking you need I do have another video where I go into a load of detail and sharpening so I’ll link that one as well that’s a good one to check out so finally I’ve saved the boring tools for The Bitter End so so the tools you need to cut holes in your wood will start with a hand crank drill just like this it’s essentially a cordless power drill except the power comes from your hand another cool feature is that some of them you can unscrew the handle and you can store all your bits there so we’ll pull out a bit there now pull out our voice here and Slammer home and just like that we can use our hand crank drill to drill little holes inside of the wood obviously this can’t cause any seriously massive holes because you’re just not going to get enough torque so to bore out the bigger holes you’re going to need a brace and a base so I have a big piece on the end of it here and we’re going to use the hole we just drilled as our pilot hole here we’re going to set it up and twist like that and if the disc is nice and sharp we should be able to just pour a nice clean hole the whole way through the timber as well you can get bits to put at the end of your brace and brush that will allow you to screw screws into wood say for example this fella here now we can just pop this in and out we have a screw and we’re just going to plop them into place liner up and just start drilling so there we go Lads I think that pretty much sums up all the tools you need to begin your woodworking Journey you can do a lot with the tools in this video and you can get by without some of them but not all of them pick and choose the best thing I would recommend you do is pick a project I recently made a malice go try this and pick out the tools you need to make it and as you do more projects down the line start picking up more tools as you go on just because I’m shying away from using power tools it doesn’t mean everyone has to I do use them occasionally but I try and encourage the use of hand tools and traditional methods where possible simply because I like them I also encourage people to find older tools fix them up ask your family ask old people go find some old tools the quality that some of that stuff was built is just unbelievable and it’s great if you can get that going and give it a new life with that being said I would like to do more videos down the line where I delve into more depth about all the tools obviously I’m trying to make this video as short and sweet as possible so I just kind of have to gloss over nearly everything and essentially make a list video but with that said thank you guys for watching I hope you learned something and I’ll talk to you in the next one good luck

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