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have you ever struggled to bring complex design and shaped scrolling projects if so then probably you didn’t have the right scroll saw on your job site from every crafts person to any diy enthusiast everyone looks out for the perfect machine to create intricate designs and complete other detailed woodworking projects so in today’s video we’ll show you the seven best scroll saws that come with industry-leading features and upgraded technologies to take your woodworking beyond straight lines so without wasting more time let’s explore it from diy projects to product reviews and hacks tool zone is where we test all sorts of gear to offer the most unbiased reviews you’ll find anywhere so that you can make well-informed purchase decisions while avoiding getting ripped off introducing the jet jwss an innovative scroll saw with thoughtful design that packs all the best in-class features every professional wishes for one of the game-changing features of this scroll saw is its blade changing process with the exclusive upper mechanism this machine combines the clamping and tensioning of the blade in one step plus it delivers a variable speed range of between 400 and 1550 strokes per minute making it capable of scrolling in your workpieces precisely with an optimized control also the integrated blade storage comes with storing slots for pre-loaded blades and packs a built-in wrench that allows quick and easy changing of the blades this scroll saw comes with a large twelve and two thirds by twenty three and five eighths inch cast iron table that provides a stable working surface besides the arm tilts forty degrees left and 45 degrees right for accurate cutting with the efficient dust collection system this saw features an onboard blower and removable dust port on the underside of the table that collects dust at the source in short this jet 22 inch scroll saw is designed to enhance your scrolling experience and features every essential quality that you’ll need at your scrolling task thinking about replacing your old scroll saw with an upgraded one then check out the delta 4694 a 20 inch variable speed scroll saw that improves your scrolling accuracy and quality this tool features a 1.3 amp motor and lets you adjust its speed between 400 and 1750 strokes per minute to do a wide array of scrolling operations on your job site this scroll saw has a dual parallel link arm design that eliminates the vibration and noise while keeping the blade stable to reduce over and under cutting plus it comes with a large cast iron table that bevels between 0 and 45 degrees left and right to provide you with outstanding material support moreover this tool features an on off switch a flexible dust blower and the blade tensioning lever that are all located up front on the arm you can change the blades quickly with the tool-free blade changing system and the on tool blade storage lets you do well organized blade storing so if you’ve decided to upgrade your scroll saw with an innovative one then you must grab this delta 4694 which will be a great deal for you get an ultimate way of scrolling with the skill 333507 an ideal solution for any benchtop job site that’s packed with all superior features for any beginner or professional woodworker this scroll comes with a sturdy 16 by 10 inch iron made work table that tilts between 0 and 45 degrees angled for precise cuts at different positions plus it features the electronic variable speed control that lets you adjust the speed according to your existing task and allows you to cut a wide variety of materials this tool also has a throat depth of 16 inches so you can cut thicker pieces while the integrated dust removal system keeps your cut line free of dust and debris featuring the articulating led work light this scroll saw ensures a visible workplace and the dust port keeps the work area clear with all these advantageous features and solid construction this skill 3335 scroll saw will be a worthwhile product to be on your short list next up we have the ryobi sc-165vs a versatile corded scroll saw that’s suitable for any heavy-duty cutting tasks around your construction site it’s made of high-quality abs materials this scroll saw delivers a substantial electronic variable speed between 550 and 1600 revolutions per minute allowing you to complete a wide array of tasks this tool comes with a cast iron base that reduces vibrations and noise while beveling up to 45 degrees for applications of a different angle plus it has an integrated dust port that can be combined with a wet or dry vacuum for a cleaner work area at the same time the tool-free blade clamp suits plane and pin end blades also you’ll get a 16 inch throat depth for the maximum convenient level of cutting while the 5 inch blade will meet all your standard cutting needs in short this ryobi corded scroll saw comes at a budget friendly price tag but it still offers plenty of useful features and good performance making it a good choice for you and your construction mates [Music] for power precision and safety meet the shop fox w1713 an affordable scroll saw that never compromises its quality or features for being low priced equipped with a 1.2 amp 1 8th horsepower 60 hertz motor this scroll saw generates a no load speed between 550 and 1700 strokes per minute to suit a variety of tasks this tool lets you operate at different angles with a large 45 degree tilting table while the easy blade changing mechanism accepts plane and pin end blades apart from that this scroll saw has a maximum cutting width of 16 inches meaning you can efficiently bring the desired cutting shape to your work pieces this 16 inch scroll saw also includes a gooseneck work plate to better view the cutting area and a dust blower with a dust port for a clean and neat work surface to sum things up this shop fox w1713 is one of the reliable and safe options while choosing a scroll saw and will make your investment worthy indeed [Music] dewalt is one of the prominent power tool brands that have been dominating the field of saws for a long time now get your hands on its dw788 the most preferred scroll saw by the professionals that offers the quietest and smoothest operations this heavy duty scroll saw features an efficient 1.3 amp motor that delivers up to 1750 cutting strokes per minute and lets you adjust the speed with an electronic variable speed system coming with an oversized cast iron table this saw ensures excellent material support and can be beveled at 45 degrees left and right for your needs plus it features an on off switch the exclusive tool-free blade clamps a flexible dust blower and a blade tensioning lever conveniently located on the front upper arm apart from that the arm design of this saw pivots from back to front and assures a smoother and quieter operation while lifting to easily thread through the material for deep cuts designed to create accurate and detailed work pieces with ease and packed with a bunch of user-friendly features this dependable dewalt dw 788 scroll saw will be the best deal for your next project now say hello to the wen 3921 the number one scroll saw on our list with a unique design that lets you take on the most intricate and artful cuts on your workplace this 16 inch scroll saw lets you adjust the speed between 550 and 600 strokes per minute by the simple turn of a knob while the two direction cutting system offers an unlimited ripping facility plus it has a cast iron base that minimizes the vibration and the 16 by 10 inch table bevels up to 45 degrees allowing you to do angle cuts on your material moreover this scroll saw has a stroke length of 9 16 of an inch so that you can cut up to 2 inches thick through your hardwoods featuring a thumb screw blade adapter for tool-free blade changes an air pump a dust port on-board storage three blades and many more this tool takes your cutting convenience to the next level also it comes with a built-in flexible work light that bends easily and can be adjusted according to your cutting position for a better surface view at low light overall this wen 3921 scroll saw carries the top most professional grade features while ensuring the safest and most precise experience for all your sawing sessions so that was a list of the 7 best scroll saws available that can help you improve your carpentry skills thanks for watching we always crave to learn more if you think we missed a product or should add it we would love to know like comment and share with your friends if you found this video helpful subscribe to our channel if you want more videos like this on your feed …

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