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[Music] quality furniture construction is easy to accomplish with quality tools woodpecker 6-inch carpenter square is just such a tool woodpecker 6-inch carpenter square is a perfectly machined combination 90 and 45 degree miter square which features engraved in scale markings on the vertical leg and handles for a physical reference to the edge of the work piece to ensure that perfect 45 and 90 degree angle every time quality begins with the blade being machined from high grade cast and ground aluminum tooling plate by milling the blade from the single plate both angles are held to a much higher degree of precision than what’s possible from stamped or molded plastic tools the solid aluminum handles are fastened to the body with high strength socket screws separating the handles from the blade ensures that they can be recalibrated to the blade if knocked out of position [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] here are a couple of quick tips for easy accurate cutting with your square cut first make sure that you install the rubber feet that come with the square cut they help it grip the board as you work next set up the guide arm by making a test cut in a piece of scrap stock make sure that the saw’s blade won’t hit the guide arm on this first cut then hold the square cut against your board and cut by guiding the saw along the edge of the square cut [Applause] now without moving the square cut loosen the bolt that holds the guide arm and slide it over until it’s flush with the end you just cut then just tighten the bolt back down with the guide arm positioned every cut with the square cuts easy just align the guide arm with your cut line [Music] hold the square cut in place and make your cut [Music] [Music] hey this is tyler here with an amazing new product from fast cap this is the spade flush mount drill bit system now what this is is it’s a depth adjuster for your spay bits or your forstner bits or your drill bits or any other kind of bit that you want to put in here super simple to use all you got to do is take your bit put it in set it to about the right height you want there’s a micro adjust later so don’t worry about getting it perfect and then start tightening one of the three set screws to center the bit now we put three in here so you could center any bit within the hole and use it for just about any bit that fits now it’s a 3 8 hole so any bits that you have the shank diameter of less than 3 8 of an inch are going to work for this once you tighten all three set screws and get your bit centered now you can loosen this knob right here and spin the collar for a micro adjust there’s very fine threads in here that allow you to move the collar up very precisely and get exactly the depth that you want so then you just lock that down chuck it up into your drill and you’re ready to go now you want to hold on to the top of the collar up here that way that this collar doesn’t spin and start marring or scratching up your surface so hold on up high you don’t want to get your fingers in these chip clearing holes we made these really big so that the chips fly out and don’t get bound up and caught up in the collar so hold it up here away from the chip clearing holes and start your repeatable drilling once you get down to the collar it’s going to stop that bit from drilling now that’s your depth adjust another cool thing is since it’s so wide it keeps your holes perpendicular to the surface every time now i got three perfect holes that are the exact same depth and i can do this across the job all day long no worries about having different depths you’re gonna love this product the new spade flush mount drill bit system from fast cap go to fastcap.com and find out where [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the corner clip it’s a simple inexpensive way to build boxes and cabinets from three quarter inch lumber one of the most common board sizes you’ll find at do-it-yourself home centers here’s how the easy corner clip works a bottom clip and a top clip keep the sides of my box straight and square while i get ready for the assembly notice that my hands are free to pick up tools collect fasteners and make final adjustments next i’ll attach two small clamps a spring loaded or quick release clamp works great and they often cost less than a couple dollars each the clamps do a nice job of bringing in both sides of my box to make a perfect 90 degree corner now that everything is secure and in place i’m ready to start driving screws but first i’ll take a peek inside the special corner clip window just to make sure the boards are coming together flush that looks good for this box i’m using simple butt joints my pilot holes have already been drilled so now i can drive the screws that’s a tight and solid corner how about pocket hole joints the easy corner clip is a perfect companion a small opening on the inside wall provides easy access for pocket hole drivers and screws [Music] building a bookcase my easy center clip makes adding shelves to a box or cabinet quick and easy first clip the shelf in place add clamps then drive the screws [Music] it’s just that easy [Music] introducing freud’s next generation premier fusion saw blade the most technologically advanced general purpose saw blade on the market delivering best-in-class cut quality for beautiful top and bottom finish results and veneered plywoods flawless top and bottom edges and double-sided melamines and an ultra smooth polished finish in cross cutting and ripping applications in hardwoods and softwoods freud’s radical new fusion trio tooth design incorporates three high-precision grind configurations in each tooth a 30 degree high atb grind delivers flawless top and bottom edge cuts the axial shear face grind dramatically improves speed rate for smooth effortless cuts and the double side grind produces a smooth polished like finish eliminating the need for rework every freud premier fusion saw blade utilizes a special blend of freud’s tycho high density carbide specially formulated to maximize life and cut quality in general purpose applications freud’s permashield non-stick coating reduces gumming friction and the destructive effects of heat buildup and every freud saw blade is laser cut from premium quality hardened steel plate for superior precision and incorporates polymer filled anti-vibration slots which reduce sound and vibration for straighter truer cuts so when you’re looking for superior high quality results from a general purpose blade on which you can truly depend the results speak for themselves [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music]

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