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foreign Le adjusts between an inside angle of 30 degrees and an outside angle of 85 degrees the angle between the central beam and either blade is exactly one-half the angle between the two blades that gives you the setting for a perfect fitting miter no matter what the angle of the corner here’s an example you can see this room Corner mock-up isn’t Square it’s out by at least a degree or two but exactly what that angle is doesn’t matter we’ll adjust angle angle to the walls transfer the bisected angle to a piece of stuff set the miter saw to the line and cut the joint and the miter fits perfectly if your saw doesn’t have a laser don’t worry just take this link apart [Music] move the blade out of the way and set your angle between the fence and the saw blade like many of our other revivals of early 20th century classics angle angle elevates the design with modern manufacturing techniques and Space Age materials get perfect mitered Corners even when you don’t have a perfect corner with angle angle order yours today feeling the Milwaukee M12 brushless 2-inch planer compact design with the power to plane and Scribe designed for the finished Carpenter and remodeler the M12 brushless 2-inch planer provides the power to plane and Scribe in soft and hard woods in a compact design with 21 accurate depth settings this planer has the power to remove up to 5 64 of an inch in a single pass the dual-sided shavings Port allows users to direct shavings to either side of the tool this lightweight design has a two inch wide shoe which is optimized for common applications such as scribing and planing doors the M12 brushless planer delivers a smooth surface finish with 14 500 RPMs and a two blade cutter head the lockable kickstand allows users to store the kickstand away to avoid interference with the work piece reduce cleanup time on site with the Shaving sport attachment and Universal hose adapter which attaches to a vacuum to maintain a clean workspace foreign brushless 2-inch planer compact design Howards of plane and Scribe [Music] foreign thank you [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] the next generation of tools has arrived with intuitive design pinpoint accuracy and track saw like precision [Music] the ngx clamp Edge system designed performance by Bora tool [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign let’s face it mounting drawer fronts and setting correct gaps can be an awkward time-consuming and frustrating process the best simplest way to install drawer fronts is with the drawer front mounting clearance our easy to use rugged steel clamps create consistent results with the built-in alignment scale and marks while the large clamp pads with grip Max hold tight and prevent damage to surfaces our setup and spacer shims come in various thicknesses and stacked together with magnets to ensure you get the Gap you want first place the left and right clamps on top of the drawer box then align the clamps so the face of the measurements is flush with the front of the drawer box next use the large adjustment knobs to tighten the clamps to set the drawer front in place Slide the drawer front into the mounting clamps then use the positioning indicator measurements to place the drawer front as close to centered as you can next tighten the front clamping knobs enough to hold the fry into place but Loose enough to allow for adjustment now take the setup and spacer shims or your own spacer blocks and position the drawer front in the exact desired location while the drawers close rip Max anti-slip pads will keep the drawer front from slipping and will prevent marring with the drawer front level and secured in place by the mounting clamps open the drawer and permanently attach the drawer front with the proper screw size to be certain of your positioning use a clamp to hold the drawer front firmly to the drawer box if you want you can use a depth gauge to ensure you’re not drilling through the drawer front from inside drill through the drawer box and enter the drawer front then permanently attach the drawer front with the proper screw sets whether you’re building from scratch renovating or repairing our drawer front mounting system is the simple effective way to mount and align drawer fronts foreign [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] miter Cuts have never been easier with our new workstation go from zero to 45 degrees in seconds just set your depth set your angle and you’re ready to go we build each station out of Baltic Birch and laser cut every miter attachment at a 12 gauge stainless steel we also partnered with micro jig and Incorporated their match fit dovetail clamps making it easier to produce repeatable Cuts with Superior accuracy and precision matching up your holes is as easy as sliding your jig from one board to the next no reclamping no readjusting this workstation isn’t just a one-trick pony it can be used with a down jig and the pocket Mill Pro simply by switching out the mounting holes check out for warriors now continue to take your woodworking skills [Music] the most reliable way to get get free fitting in your woodwork is by trying our sacred multi-function scribing tool with the sacred scribing tool you can achieve professional Precision in your woodwork for any type of fitting the tool changes shape by a simple adjustment and locks into place for the most reliable scribing especially for awkward and complicated edges foreign trouser belt clip makes it easy to carry and store save time and level up your woodworking with 15 marking applications in one tool and it’s not just for wood the pencil can mark on plastic Ceramics and even metal you won’t sweat it with Saker …

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