learn to speak spanish

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hello hola how are you i’m fine and you do i am a little tired do you speak spanish espanol yes i speak spanish do you speak english yes a little what’s your name my name is alex my name is alex nice to meet you mucho gusto what are you doing nothing are you free estas libre i’m free what do you want to do que quiere i’m hungry i’m thirsty tengo said let’s go eat please sit down do you want something to eat do you want something to drink what’s there to eat i would like a pizza please do you like it i like it it’s delicious es delicioso do you want some poco yes please no thanks no gracias thanks for the food gracias por la comida you’re very kind it is how much is that it’s cheap is it’s expensive how was your day como estudia my day was good media my day was bad me diaz where are you from i’m from the united states soy what city are you from the question i’m from new york how’s your family como esta familia very good very bad how many siblings do you have i have two sisters tengo dos hermanas what are you thinking about in questando i have homework it’s easy it’s fuzzy it’s difficult what do you study i study french estudio francis what do you like to do in your free time i like to watch movies what time is it it’s 1 20. is i need to go to the airport what’s your phone number yamame i’ll call you see you later hasta luego see you soon hasta pronto where is the exit where are the taxis don’t lose taxes to the airport please goodbye adios [Music] [Music] you

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