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hola so Anna here at butterfly Spanish where you can learn all the Spanish you want if you desire to learn spanish so here with me an at butterfly Spanish you don’t have any excuses it’s free so the only thing you need is the desire to learn Spanish in today’s class we’re going to go over we’re going to learn 100 Expressions that you can use every day 100 expressions in Spanish that will help you face your day your every day see maybe you’re one of those people who maybe who doesn’t even say good morning buenos di no you just don’t say it no you just keep your your sight away from people well in that case you may not even want to learn Spanish but you are not one of those and and you actually want to be chatty and learn more Spanish to talk more then be with me because I am going to show you these 100 Expressions that will come right right perfect for your every day ESO es I hope so es es I hope so es es no I hope not I hope not no for example somebody said last time and I said no not at this time I’m going to get so soaking [Applause] hope said not yet not yet if somebody knocks on the door and says maybe you’re not ready no last time I wanted to show my sister a blouse and she said and I said no not yet remember to pronounce every vowel every letter not yet I can’t I can’t I can ask you could you join me could you come with me you may say no I can’t of course a bit more formal kusto very nice very casual kusto these three are for of course of course CL you may say you want to be more formal you want to be casual nice you may Sayo like literally with pleasure of course boy ja boy I am coming ja boy wait for me I’m getting there I’m on my way I’m coming yeah boy you see you can say ja boy ja boy exasperated happy whatever I’m coming yeah boy you know what J my boy I am leaving what what is the difference boy yumy boy yumy boy no J boy you know what I’m tired of teaching Spanish J boy I learn with the board if you want well change my mind J boy I am leaving ja boy I am coming boy J boy if you want to learn more expressions and more use about these two you may want to watch my video about the differences between y boy y boy moment I’m leaving I decided to come back after not knowing what to do with myself except teaching Spanish yeah regress I’m back yeah reg I’m back yeah reg if you want to announce to anybody hey she decided she didn’t know what else to do with her life except teaching in Spanish and for me I would say see with the emphasis at the end the last syllable I’m back rap rap faster Anna you’re being you’re going too slowly faster Mass Rapido Mass is like literally more rapid faster okay okay emphasis no hurry up you want to tell somebody to hurry up you will tell him or herma isness so you really are saying with calmness last time I was helping my nephew to to do his homework and he was really getting exasperated I had to tell himma conma with patience Slow Down Easy Take It Easy conma we’re going to get it done you just have to do itma with gness easy slow down with patience or noo both are I have no idea I have no clue I don’t have any idea I don’t know or lot of people would use NE I know it might sound strange to you because it ends with I and it starts with I but you have to say like for example imagine you were saying um no English long right you you might think oh I sound weird I sound strange that’s fine that’s how it is in Spanish you say it’s like a very eye a very long eye KN there KN there and just make the face too KN there okay I have no idea where I’m teaching Lo Saia I knew it loia I don’t know if you’ve seen George from Seinfield he’s often says I knew it if I were to dub to do the dubbing for George then I would say don’t get scared with too many vows loia I knew it now this this these two options are quite different and you often make a mistake with this so here we’re going to make it clear around here or this way around here or this way this way like follow me that way go that way I I no a or no I I so the H doesn’t have a sound this for i i e this way or around here it was around here the keys were around here St this way follow me this way that way when you want to tell somebody don’t forget don’t forget what I told told you uh to do or what I told you to bring whatever don’t forget in Spanish you would say don’t forget don’t forget I know it’s very long right especially when you see it in English it’s so short and then in Spanish a whole sentence but it’s very easy to pronounce it don’t forget what I’m teaching you today when you want to say for example I completely forgot about it I completely forgot see I am very distracted these days and so what happened I forgot about it completely I forgot it I forgot it I completely forgot about it this e this a doesn’t have an accent right doesn’t have a and this one has so how do you how are you going to pronounce each of them all smooth all the vowels all the letters is smooth and this one B rough at the end soft and nice rough better meor see here this is a j right if you if that word were in English you would say major something like that major but because you are speaking Spanish I don’t want to hear any of that is meor as if you had an H imagine me meor better much much better much oh now with this lesson I am much better I am much better with this lesson now I’m going to teach you something very very Spanish very interesting when for example you change your mind for yes or for not like For Better or Worse let’s say you’re going to buy something or you were going to buy something and you were looking at something I was looking at a at a mug to to have my coffee and it was really pretty looked at it revised it viewed it touched it felt it see and I was about to buy it what did I say to myself no better not me no now maybe I it didn’t happen but maybe I left the store and I was like better yes so I go back and buy it that didn’t happen but if that had happened I would have said meor see see better yes better not and it’s when you change your mind like no you know going to save my money I’m not going to buy it me no I come out and I better yes so better much much better much better doubt it LO I doubt it um just today somebody was was asking me about a song of um Enrique Iglesias and um and then I and then this person told me I think he wrote it like he wrote this song and I said I doubt it not that I have any prejudices against him but I doubt it can barely [Laughter] sing yeah l I doubt it sometimes when you’re learning Spanish when you’re just starting to learn Spanish you don’t know how to say bye to people imagine you’re talking to some native Spanish native speakers and you don’t know how to naturally say see you bye see you later a good phrase to use in that context would be noos very casual yet nice appropriate correct polite noos see noos if you want to be more specific because you know you’re going to see those people or a person somewhere you could say in whatever in at the corner the corner see you at home see you at the stop maybe at the bus stop or the taxi stop any stop see you at the station so you could say just cash actually to say far well to say bye to people see you at the corner see you at home see you at the corner or in the place of that where you’re going to see that person or those people to the right to the left for example if you want somebody to look at to the right or to the left tell this person turn to your right turn to your left it’s hotor when talking about the weather you would say it’s hot if you want to say oh how hot it is how hot it is more like expressive right is just the weather today o it’s hot how hot it is today for a drink temperature you put your fingers see so you wouldn’t say that for the weather for example you would say but for your tea or your cof the weather this is super useful really in it’s like a wish like a wish you make to somebody you’re telling this person have fun have a good time have a good trip have a good J have a good experience whatever you’re doing right you can say it’s like go like have fun um stay safe it’s like everything together when you’re wishing well uh good wishes to somebody who’s doing who’s about to do something some of you have told me I love your blouse or something you love it I love it some people may want to say much is more like I like it I like it a lot much but if you want to say I love it I I completely love it remember this just means a long e andio really seriously really and andio andio are you serious really seriously andio it’s over it’s finished it’s over I have an appointment I have an appointment are you joking I just arrived sometimes people ask you you just arried to some somewhere and people ask you oh have you done this have you seen this and you can say Just DE it’s trendy literally it’s of mode no it’s in the mod is that the Moda it’s trendy a friend of mine was just telling me how certain clothes that is trendy right now reminds her of the 90s of the clothes she wore in the 90s and she told me is it’s trendy again from all these which one do you like qu which one do you like which one qu when something bothers you in Spanish you would say meesta it bothers me mea much it bothers me a lot much in ESP when you introduce somebody from your family you would say it’s m Mama for this is my mother or she is my mother is me mama is me Papa he is my father or this is my father is me she is my daughter or this is my daughter is is this is my son he is my son Esa she is my aunt this is my aunt ESO he is my uncle this is my uncle it’s me Mama sounds redundant right it’s me mama but we say it like that it’s my mother no not yours it’s me Mama you have to try this well first of all let me tell you I don’t generally like when people say you have to try this I don’t have to do anything for all I know but that’s just when I’m angry generally it’s very useful to say this see me see me see me follow me see follow me see what’s your stand on whatever topic well you could say like I am in favor or I’m all for it or I am against it please notice here that por is written separately it’s two words not one poor fa obviously you think it’s one because you say por fa so it sounds like one but if you write it you have to make sure you use the two words excuse me when you’re asking a question excuse me sir when you squeeze me squeeze me I’m sorry you will use this phrase to ask somebody what’s going on what’s going on casually but also to say what happened I hope you are well I hope I hope you are well now many of you make a mistake here and say it’s you see the difference I hope you are well no when you are saying ESO your desire I hope no you’re expressing your hope you’re not stating a fact you are well you are well yeah sure I hope I hope I hope you are well you want more redundancy so you get it clear don’t worry don’t worry about it a long word ask him ask her if you are telling somebody to ask a question to him or to her you would say in Spanish you say you say Pro when you want when somebody is eating when people are eating and you walk by and you tell them Pro or when you are eating with somebody and you tell him or her bu Pro enjoy enjoy the food really so you would say to express to that person enjoy the food it’s it’s fun where like you’re at a place and the activity what’s going on it’s fun is it’s boring now for example if somebody calls you and you’re like at this event and you say see come come noas don’t come noas you would say gassi almost gassi gassi almost almost I am almost finished wake up I am almost finished next one I’m almost there when you went to ask somebody in Spanish since when you would say how are you how have you been how are you how have you been I hadn’t seen you in a long time I am on it I’m working on it a moment please moment you could also say though really doesn’t make sense if you think about it some people say like just a second you want to be a bit more polite let’s say we would say to somebody you know but in a more formal context you would say and speaking of a break I need a break think about it you still have time I don’t think so no you want to watch my lesson about all the uses for the verb watch my video about that did you like itos not so muchos what did you say sorry I didn’t hear I was thinking about something else no you were distracted I was thinking about something else how funny this is look at this three dots like a three dot smile h say it or I am not sure are you sure I hope you get well or if you want to shorten it get get well I can’t hear you I can’t hear you it’s very noisy or I heard a noise I’ll come to pick you up I’ll come to get you or even better then for me come and get me or come to pick me up me don’t leave like don’t leave this place different then no bajas don’t go like don’t go to that place there is a Coro no Coro is a type of music um that says the Simon Blanco and one of the verses it says don’t go to the dance the mother is saying don’t go to the dance but he goes and you don’t want to know what happened typical of the coros but the difference is not theas is don’t leave no stay don’t leave this place don’t go generally I am in a good mood no broadly speaking unless you upset me sometimes I am in a bad mood good mood Mal bad mood you could also say to maybe not be so negative because I don’t like negativity you could say no esto my marker is going badly no the make it so negative well or you could say more I’m not in such a good mood so you know C don’t bother me too much that’s that’s simply negative it’s it’s cold the weather is cold as when you’re when you’re you’re shaking trembling get it’s like as if you were saying how cold it is maybe you don’t say it like that but implies that meaning oh it’s very cold it’s so cold now I am C when something when maybe a drink really or no import it’s not important who cares no import who cares it’s not important what you can not do is no no import no import no never it’s either what are you doing do something then usually it’s more General like what are you up to what are you doing it implies a little bit more like right now what are you doing oh well I’m reading I am cleaning I am cooking see so when you want to say more specific like in this moment same thing if you see just the word like this me is here and then here we put it together with the verb meaning I’m going to say bye to these people I’m going to to say farewell see wait a second I’m going to say bye to everybody AA Manana see you tomorrow until tomorrow AA Manana and speaking of tomorrow well tomorrow you’re going to keep learning Spanish I hope and having said that I am done with this video I hope you found you found these 100 a little bit over 100 phrases um in Spanish useful they are going to prove very effective when you’re speaking when you’re learning and to improve your Spanish and to speak like a native speaker before saying bye before leaving I want to thank you for watching my videos I really want to thank you for watching my videos especially to those of you who have donated you are actually making possible for me to keep teaching Spanish which is the thing I love from my profession life and I’m very fortunate to keep teaching Spanish for a living and it’s thanks to you who have donated your donations are very important to me to make more videos to prepare more videos to my family to the thing um to to live really uh so I want to thank you for all that I also want to invite you to go to Butterfly And subscribe to get my newsletter I sent a newsletter and um in in that newsletter I I speak of different topics related to Spanish different topics but they are all related to Spanish and will help you improve your Spanish in one way or another thank you so much for watching my videos thank you for donating I I really appreciate it it really helps me so if you can please donate so I can keep making more videos muchas

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