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well today just I would like to ask you a couple of questions about our home tuition service mainly right and well the first question will be what do you think about piano lessons at home Vero do you think they are a good idea I think definitely it’s a good idea mainly for kids I would recommend because they are in their own environment they feel safe they have like their own toys or in their own room or the house so they feel safe and this helps allows the kid to be more relaxed and also when you are someone like they don’t know uh at least at the beginning and it made them to feel safe and also the parents can be there or the nannies or they can check you can you can also explain to them some things that then they can work when you are not on the lesson during the week so it really helps maybe for kids uh what do you think about the adults for example what is the good thing about that so both for adults or for children’s it’s okay as you said they may feel better at home even if here we have like such a friendly environment what is the difference between taking election at the studio and the lesson at home for all the reasons that we say before and also for example the studio um we have on the computer we have all the elements here and we have all the books here also when we travel we try to carry all the stuff that we are going to need during the lesson and here is the the friendly environment you can chat with other musicians and I think these are pro for on the studio you can meet other teachers you can listen to some people so you feel like you are part of a family but family right all the when you are home tuition is very convenient as well but I think it’s like sometimes maybe you can feel a bit like you don’t share all the experience and but also the room the proper room the lesson where it was taken um look at this room for example they feel like with all different instruments not only yeah I know and they feel like this music environment yes yeah we show the room around behind and in the other rooms we always can find different things I feel like this is Art they have this fresh air and well in order to bring this experience close to our students the studio is opening another one another student branch in camberwell so anyway what can you tell us about that I’m so excited because now we can extend I’m so excited I will be there I will be in charge with that studio so I am open I will bring all my tools to make the best approach to Children’s or adults or everyone that want to come but it will be like something fresh new same studio with but with a new new idea excellent thank you very much Vera thank you very much Emma and we will see you again next month bye bye …

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