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hello and welcome back to my youtube channel in this video i’m going to be talking about what i think are the best free apps to help you learn the piano in today’s day and age especially with covid having just happened everything seems to be making a move online and piano apps are cropping up everywhere there are lots of apps that say that they will be able to teach you how to play the piano and there are some that even claim they can get you to a really advanced level well while i agree that apps can probably give you the basics of how to play the piano there is no question that they cannot get you that far and they can probably at best do exactly what a good beginner book can do and i’m not against apps that teach you how to play the piano because i think it’s good if you can get started and you can get started on your own however in this video i’m going to focus on apps that i think best aid your piano playing and help you become a better pianist now i am a big apple user so i have an ios device however i believe most of these apps will be available on android as well if not there will be an equivalent so the first one is an app called scales and chords the reason i think this app is good is because it not only shows you all of the scales or all of the chords and you can select which one you want to see and it will show you it laid out on the piano but it also shows you chords and i think this is often neglected in these kind of apps in piano learning apps they tend to teach you how to read music but they don’t teach you the actual basics of how music is structured so i think any app that uses scales and chords is good the good thing about this one as well as it can test you on your scales and chord knowledge so you can play them on the keyboard that’s in the app and if you get it wrong it will tell you and it’s just a good way if you are away from a piano to practice your scales and chords and it can also help you check if you know the scales and chords so the next step is skoove piano and i said i wasn’t going to include any apps that were just straight up learning apps for beginners however out of all of them i think this one does do a good job at applying note reading to pieces and it can also use the inbuilt microphone on whatever device you’re using to hear the notes so you can play along and it will hear whether you’re playing it right or wrong and when you play a piece it won’t let you move on until you played the correct note so it’s a good way of associating notes with what you’re playing on the piano the next app is called the functional ear trainer this one isn’t directly for piano but it is good for your oral skills and what i mean by this is it will train your ears to hear certain notes or certain distances between notes and when you’re playing the piano this makes it a lot easier to predict where you’re going to next or if you see some notes on the page you’ll be able to hear it in your head before you play it which is a very useful thing to be able to do when you play piano for a long period of time you develop this skill anyway but this app will help you really hone that skill and become a better overall musician the next app i would suggest is an app called piano mate and similar to school music this one will hear what you’re actually playing the repertoire it has in the app is vast and it’s of all levels so it’s really good if you just want to have a go at some songs the idea with this sort of app is that you are getting good at reading music and associating it with the piano keys i do think a lot of beginner and learner books can do the same job but sometimes people find this sort of interactive kind of activity much more helpful so if you want to have a go at playing some songs from the beginning and you don’t know any piano this might be a good place to start now we’re getting onto the apps that i actually regularly use with my students and for myself so the first app i use all the time is an app called music tutor there are lots of different versions of this type of app in any app store but essentially what it does is it shows you a note and you have to immediately press which letter that is or you can change it to a keyboard setting so you have to play it on the piano it gamifies the process of reading notes very quickly you can set it to 10 minutes five minutes one minute and see how many you can get in that amount of time this means that each time you’re trying to beat your old score and this can improve your reading very quickly the next app is an app called metro timer and this is a form of metronome every musician should have some form of metronome on a device that they have i know plenty of musicians who actually just carry a physical metronome around with them because they’re used so much in day-to-day life as a musician if you don’t know what a metronome is a metronome is essentially a click that is at a constant speed and you can use this to practice playing to or to check that you understand what rhythms you’re playing so if you don’t have a metronome then that is definitely the number one thing i would download and start practicing with because you’ll find that if you haven’t used a metronome timing may be an issue for you the next app is an app called dex and what this is is it’s virtual flash cards for learning how to read notes and learning what certain names and symbols mean on the piano this app is just very good for your general music knowledge and making sure that when you see something on a page you always know what it is so if you get some spare time and you have this app then you can just have a go and see if you know all the symbols that you might see on a page the last step that i would suggest is an app called virtuoso piano and this is just a piano that you can use on any device there are lots of different reasons to have an app like this and i use it sort of periodically for very different reasons it might be to check that another instrument is in tune it might be to check that the piano is in tune it also might be just to reference notes on the piano if you are learning and you want to just double check something when you’re on the go the one thing i would not use it for is to try and play the piano trying to play the piano on a phone or a tablet is just not going to help you playing at all but there are plenty of reasons to have an app like this and you’ll find that if you download it you’ll probably use it more than you think you would if you have any apps that you think are useful for playing the piano then let me know in the comments and if you want to book a lesson with me you can do that using the link in the description and before you go to this video be sure to hit me with a like and subscribe and i will see you next time …

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