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[Music] amazing grace how sweet the sound hey friends this is amazing grace in the key of c this is such a simple way to chord along to this song i hope you love its simplicity make sure to stop the video if you click on the description below you can find the chord sheet link that you can print out and it’ll make a lot more sense as we jump into it all right so in this key we just have cfg and that’s it for this song everything else i’ve kind of kept simple okay so let’s find this group of two black notes and if we put our thumb on c note there play every other note c e g and you have a c chord okay if you freeze that shape in your hand and you come down here to this group of three black notes the f is right there play f a c f chord f chord okay and then move up one set of notes from there and you’re in the g chord position so we’re gonna play g b d and those are the three notes that make up that chord so that’s it so just review we got that f chord right next door to the g and then we have our c all right so left hand is gonna be keeping it simple as well we’re gonna keep single notes down here so when we play a c chord we’re just gonna play single c note in our bass okay then we can play f to f and g to g alright so i’m going to sing and play through verse 1 so you can see how it sounds when we add in the vocals and the two hands and then i’ll break down the rhythm for you okay [Music] amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me i once was lost but now i found was blind but now i see all right so how the two hands are gonna come together is quite simple we’re doing this rhythm called one to two ratio or together right together right together right together right you could practice that on the c chord just getting your hand used to playing that nice simple marching rhythm it’s a good place to start when you’re recording okay so let’s take a look at this also and uh lines one and three of each of the five five verses are the same so cfc lines three cfc so there’s a little bit of repetition there and then also once you learn verse one you got it you’ve learned two three four five six so let’s start out with verse one together and we’re just gonna go through it real simple amazing grace how f chord sweet the c chord sound that saved a wretch like g me [Music] c chord i once [Music] now i f c back to the c chord okay so that’s it real simple um if it’s simpler to go with just the right hand only then the left hand only then bring the two hands together that might be a kind of a bridge that you can do to playing the full thing um along with me um make sure i’m gonna play it beginning to end and you could play along with me uh go back to that beginning of that tutorial if you need but it’s it’s real simple together write together write rhythm through the whole thing once you learn verse one you’ve learned it all okay have a lot of fun here we go [Music] amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me i once was lost but now i found was blind but now i see just grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears really how precious did that grace appear the air first believed [Music] the lord has promised good to me his word my hope secures he will my shield and portion me as long as life endures through many dangers toils and snares i have already come disgrace hath brought me save thus far and grace will lead me [Music] this flesh and heart shall fail and more to life shall cease i shall pose us within the veil a life of joy and peace when we’ve been there ten thousand years bright shining as the sun [Music] to sing god’s grace then when we first begun [Music] to sing god’s praise then when we first begun [Music] amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me i once was lost but now …

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