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hi guys i’m vasho from bestmusiccourses.com and in this video i’m going to show you my top 10 online piano courses that can help you with learning the piano or keyboard at home in this list you can find piano lesson apps and websites mostly for beginners and intermediates i’m going to present my opinion about these courses and i try to consider their content quality functionality repertoire and last but not least their design or user friendliness before we start i have to tell you one thing i think these courses are not the best way how to start with piano because when having no teacher who can control how you play and how you practice you can create a bad playing habits and it is not easy to get rid of them later on the other hand piano learning courses online piano courses have a great benefits like you can play and practice wherever and anytime you want and they are much cheaper than private lessons so if you prefer learning the piano at home without teacher because of any reason this video is for you in case you will like this video don’t forget to hit subscription button and don’t miss other videos about learning piano online if you want to get more information about the courses from this list check out the description below this video where you can find links to my full reviews of some of these courses now let’s start with the list with number 10 which is a very nice piano learning app for ipad and desktops called skoof scoof is a very easy to use app for learning the basics of piano it works with ipad mac and pc but they also have a better version for android devices in school you can find over 400 interactive piano video lessons divided into 20 courses you just connect your keyboard with midi cable and while playing you can see whether you play correctly or not for those who don’t have digital keyboard don’t worry scuff also works well with the acoustic piano except for piano exercises and music theory lessons scoof offers many tutorials on how to play famous pop songs and parts of classical pcs what i like about scooby is very clear design easy to follow step by step video lessons interactive functions and very nice piano sound what could be better in my opinion is the arrangement quality and the repertoire the library could be wider anyway if you want to know more about schoof watch my full review quen algaskin is a great pianist and piano teacher if you want you can check some of his piano lessons on youtube for those who are serious about learning the piano he prepared series of online courses which are very popular and effective these courses are not based on a membership so you can buy them separately and get lifetime access conquering the foundation is a course that can help piano beginners to reach a higher level in a relatively short time pianote is a project by lisa wheat who is a piano teacher well known for her enthusiasm and very positive attempt to learning the piano video lessons have a great video and sound quality and they are whatever but not boring lisa will teach you how to play piano accompaniment for popular pop songs how to play by chords and ears what i like about piano is that in many lessons lisa is also singing while playing the piano so if you want to be a singing pianist you should check out this course willie maid did a great job with his educational website for pianists this piano teacher and great js player made over 3500 video lessons divided into styles and skill levels so you can easily choose for example blues or js piano chords for beginners or a funk improvisation course for intermediates rock composition course and many many others willie has also a very popular youtube channel called the jazz edge so if you want to know the style he teaches the piano you can watch some videos and make your own opinion piano with willy is a great platform for those who prefer modern genres and who want to have wide choice of piano lessons i started this list with skoov which is a very interesting piano app for ipad and desktops but in case you are looking for a quality piano learning app for android devices definitely check out floki in floki you can find step-by-step lessons with interactive functions so even playing exercises and practicing scales is not boring at all except for videos explaining music theory and playing techniques floki contains over 1000 songs in the library so you can easily find here songs from many popular interprets and popular classical piano pieces three practicing modes make the learning process very smooth and effective so if you are a beginner and you are thinking about learning the piano with an app floki can be your best choice if you want to learn to play gospel and jazz piano you should try here and play these courses are great not only for beginners but also for intermediates who want to focus on these styles there are two options downloadable courses for one time fee or gospel and chess training center in the form of monthly membership as a member of training center you will get an access to tons of video lessons teaching you on how to play chord progressions video tutorials with many famous gospel songs and just standards and lessons about practicing and using scales while improvising here and play is a great solution for those who love jazz and gospel and want to know to play these styles correctly now let’s have a look at another piano learning app called piano marvel unlike other piano apps piano marvel is more focused on classical music and classical repertoire but in library you can also find many arrangements of popular songs this app works with ipad and desktops and thanks to the amazing side reading tool and huge library it is used in many music schools around the world piano marvel has many interactive functions you can see the notes you play on the interactive keyboard you can turn on or off the right or left hand part slow down or speed up the background music use the metronome or choose the particular bars of the sheet you want to practice separately you can find here step-by-step lessons for beginners but also piano pieces for intermediate players i recommend piano marvel for those who want to learn to play mostly classical repertoire and for those who want to learn sight reading [Music] before i tried piano for al i was a little skeptical because of the low price and very different reviews but after trying i have to say i was nicely surprised because i think piano for all is great for beginners who want to uh play piano by chords and want to know how to play piano accompaniment for popular music but if you expect the traditional way of learning uh the classical repertoire you will be disappointed robin hall the author of piano for all will teach you on how to play the piano by chords so after finishing the course you should be able to play piano accompaniment to almost any popular song by chords piano for all contains 9 downloadable interactive ebooks containing over 200 video lessons 500 audio lessons and pdfs all lessons are easy to follow and the music theory is explained in a very practical way although one ebook is dedicated to a classical repertoire most of content is focused on blues and pop i can recommend piano for all only to piano beginners and classical intermediate pianists who want to learn to play popular songs by chords the price is lower than one lesson with a private teacher and it is for lifetime so i think it is worth trying at least if you want to know more details about piano for all click the link in the description and watch my full review we are moving to the number two which is my favorite piano app called playground session this app is co-founded by legendary quincy jones even you won’t find here a single lesson with him in comparison to floki scoof and some other apps playground session has more functions very well structured content and great arrangement quality the library consists of hundreds of popular songs of several genres and the process of learning is very smooth and fun what i don’t like about playground session is that it doesn’t work with android devices and there is a limited number of songs you can download for free for one month for more information about playground session watch my full review here on youtube or go to bestmusiccourses.com for written version of the review and now my number one is absolutely great online piano course which doesn’t have any interactive functions but the content quality is top level and it is made by really great pianist i’m talking about artist works artist works is a platform offering top quality online music lessons for several instruments these courses are prepared by high class instructors grammy award winners and lectors from prestigious schools artists works offers 3 piano courses for jazz classical and pop piano all these courses contain 100 video lessons showing you step by step on how to play jazz classical and pop piano repertoire correctly and what and how to practice to improve your piano technique i tried the jazz chorus by george whitty and i think it is absolutely great for intermediate pianists who want to learn to play jazz voicings improvisation and just standards every lesson gives you tons of new information on what and how to practice to improve your hand technique and the tone artist works courses really work and if you are serious about learning the piano click the link in the description below this video and definitely check it out so this was my quick overview of my favorite online piano learning apps and websites let me know what you think about it and which piano core seems to be the best for you i hope this video helped you to realize the options you have when it comes to learning the piano online at home thank you very much for watching have a nice day and stay tuned …

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