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How to get HER in the MOOD (funny) #marriageadvice #relationshipproblems #conflictresolution.


a lot of women get frustrated watching my videos and I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking why doesn’t this show up on his page that’s where it needs to go and the reason is because even if it did he wouldn’t watch it the algorithm doesn’t send videos to people it knows they’re just going to swipe away from that’s just how it works it’s not an information problem it’s a desire problem and if he were here if this video randomly popped up and he actually made it this far I would tell him please don’t get complacent like I did please prioritize the health and the growth and the depth of your relationship don’t let busyness or work or emotional ignorance slowly wreck your marriage because it will stop disregarding the distance and the disconnection that she’s been hinting at for a long time and stop fighting you think all couples fight right you’re wrong the way you fight still matters and there’s a reason 50 percent of marriages fail ask yourself what makes mine any different you think commitment is going to save you commitment doesn’t equal love love requires humility and selflessness and kindness and gentleness and consideration

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