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It’s not the presence of conflict that dooms a Relationship, it’s the inability to repair after conflict. We need to understand that both …


so the absence of conflict does not mean that your relationship is strong and trust me when I say that her silence doesn’t mean that things are fine between you if you want a great relationship if you truly care about her heart be courageous enough to ask if there’s anything heavy on it and be prepared to listen without trying to fix or interrupt our job as partners is to create a safe environment where someone can share their hurts or fears or insecurities or needs or desires without being punished and our job is to realize that for some people that’s really hard to do so yes it’s their job to be brave and speak up about what they need and how they feel but it’s also our job to initiate those conversations and encourage them to share and then show them that they can trust us to be a safe place for them to be vulnerable enough to be honest

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