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hi i’m vic teslin welcome to my shop you know not everybody’s got the tools or the inclination to handle big large planks they’re pretty heavy and they’re hard to get around in the shop sometimes especially if you have a small shop and what about plywood plywood 4×8 5×5 is huge so if you don’t have a car or you have a small car it can be difficult to transport that stuff if you work with a company like kjp they can help you reduce the sizes of the material so you can handle them a little easier [Music] we have many species of wood that are sold as project boards which have been skipped dressed to reveal the grain they also have boards that have been pre-dimensioned sold as dimension lumber which is great if you don’t have a joiner or planer not to mention many other pre-cut and size options all available for pickup or shipped to your home you can even send them a cut list and have them cut all the parts for your project for you like i did with my recent bench build i just listed my parts a bit larger than they needed to be and then that allowed me to bring everything to final dimension they sent me a custom quote for the material milling and shipping and sent it right to my house so remember you don’t have to have a huge shop or lots of machines to woodwork you just need to work with a company like kjp who can help reduce the size of that lumber just to get you started enjoy your time in the shop …

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