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if you’re watching this video chances are you are learning the piano online or trying to there are so many different ways uh that you can learn the piano online that i can actually feel maybe a little bit overwhelming and how do you decide what is the best way for you so in this video i wanted to give you sort of an overview of all the ways that you can learn piano online i went through and i tested a bunch of different platforms um just so i could get a feel for what they’re like and what i could learn was possible now i know i know i am from piano to so you know maybe you think i’m biased but i’m gonna tell you i don’t think i am because it’s my passion to help absolutely every single person in the whole entire world learn to play the piano and that means there’s gonna be a whole variety of learning styles you know there’s going to be preferences you know everybody’s going to have a different way to learn that’s going to be best for them and i really just want to help give you information about what’s available what’s out there to help you sift through it all so that you can find the best way to learn the piano for you and get started now before i dive into all the awesome ways you can learn to play the piano online i really want to highlight the fact that you can learn to play the piano online i get asked that a lot like is it actually possible to learn piano online as opposed to in a private setting and i just want to say absolutely you can learn piano online super affordably it works like you can make it work with your time schedule because you can access your lessons anytime anywhere there are a thousand reasons why learning the piano online is such a great option so let’s dive in to some of the different ways that you can learn to play online [Music] all right obviously we’re we’re filming this video in my home and i’ve got my two fur babies here and this guy just doesn’t do well without snuggles so he’s joining for this part of the video so the first thing i wanted to dive into is youtube uh because youtube is such a great place to go and find free piano lessons and there are so many available and so the pro of youtube is that you’ve got free lessons and you’ve got a bazillion of them uh the con can be that because there are so many and they don’t seem to really follow a particular order you know you can have all of your favorite channels how do you know you know which order to go in and so it can be difficult to find an organized approach to learning so i love youtube for those quick wins for kind of filling in gaps in your learning if you’re like oh i want to know more about this but if you’re wanting like a really structured approach to learning and you want to make sure that you’re not missing anything youtube can be a little bit tricky um in that way so one of the hacks you can use for youtube is find your favorite channels and go to playlists because playlists are often organized sort of based on topic so you know we’ve got a playlist here on how to read music and so you could go there and you could go through the videos it would give you like a little bit more of a sequential order of things see you later buddy um and then you can try that on all of your favorite youtube channels like i really love piano tv did you see i tried to type piano to tv everything’s pianoed in my braid um right so here she’s got some playlists you could go in and she’s got them organized into all kinds of different categories so that’s youtube youtube is awesome i love youtube alright so the next sort of approach to learning i wanted to talk about is the video game style learning there are so many apps that will allow you to learn the piano and they have feedback based learning so you can connect them with cables or some of them actually use the microphone in your device to hear the piano that you’re playing and so this would be things like musician simply piano flow key i tried a bunch of them so these are app based so you download the app you set it up so it connects to your piano or keyboard and then you begin to play so this style of learning can be a lot of fun the first thing that happened when i started to use these apps was i actually got really excited because i’m like oh my gosh it can tell if i’m playing the right notes and then if i played it wrong note it would stop me and a lot of them have like fun little color coding so it was kind of just like a fun i don’t know i’m not gonna say whimsical but almost like i got really excited about it um so that was the best part for me about these game style learning platforms you know i’m just looking through here like musician you can see they’ve got all these colors and there’s different ways that you can approach learning it’s a great way to just get a feel for the piano you can learn your basics really easily this way and you can learn to play songs just sort of by following along and using that feedback to help you know if you’re on track one thing i wanted to mention is even though i had a lot of fun on the onset with uh this style of learning i did find that it could get frustrating at certain points when i couldn’t skip ahead if i found something too easy there were some platforms where it was really difficult to move ahead to you know the lessons that i wanted to get to i had to go through them sequentially um i also noticed that the the ability to tell you if you’re playing the correct notes or not was great but it couldn’t really measure time so um it could tell if i was playing the note at the right time but not if i was holding it for the duration that that note needed to be held right for the difference between like a half note or a whole note um so that was something else to keep in mind i felt like that might in the future determine from really playing with the correct you know rhythms and holding my hands properly and all of that so all things to think about i enjoyed it if i were really like wanting to make sure that i had a really well-rounded um understanding of the piano piano theory improvisation all the styles all of that i might not choose this approach to learning but if i just wanted to go and have some fun at the piano i would absolutely say that these can be a great way to enrich your learning experience next up i wanted to talk about playground sessions so playground sessions to me kind of felt like this in between this in between land of like the video game style learning the app style learning and more of like a membership site it felt like a hybrid um so i was really probably the most excited about trying playground sessions maybe because of harry connick jr maybe so i had some fun in playground sessions uh it does offer that connectivity so it tells you if you’re playing the right notes but you have to have the ability to plug it in to your piano so you have to be connected that way in order for that to work um it was wonderful to see harry teaching me some piano skills i thought that was awesome but i was surprised to learn that he wasn’t teaching the majority of the lessons he was just there occasionally there were videos to support the learning so that was cool um so you would watch your video and then it would give you something to work on and it would tell you if you’re playing the notes correctly so i really like that as well i did find it really difficult to navigate so once i got in i was like where am i supposed to go i was using it on my uh my laptop um i had downloaded the app or software onto here and i found that i had to download the course and then i wasn’t sure which you know as a beginner i really wouldn’t have known potentially kind of where to go and how to progress myself through it so i found that a little bit difficult but there was a lot of good stuff it also has like a community forum it appeared so you can go through and um connect with other players that way so there’s a lot of good to be said for playground sessions once again uh i felt like there wasn’t a deep dive into the how and the why of everything and how you’d go apply that outside the actual exercises that they were giving you so you’re learning something but then how do you take that and go apply in other ways how do you grow that how do you build and develop your practice and i didn’t see anything i could have missed it i didn’t see anything talking about how to actually really build out your practice routine and create um you know habits that’ll lead you towards success as a piano player so that was kind of a negative and that also the experience of struggling to know where and how to go through the lessons it didn’t feel sequential so there you go that’s my ideas or thoughts rather on playground sessions which leads me to two more areas to talk about i want to talk about private online lessons with like a one-on-one teacher and i want to talk about the membership model so taking lessons online with a piano teacher can be a great way to learn the piano you get that one on one time still and you get that personalized feedback constantly which is awesome this can be really expensive um well the cost of private lessons so if that’s in your budget this could be a great choice for you um you’re going to be able to get exactly the feedback you need from your teacher i would say make sure that you are very picky about who you select to be your teacher because you want to have somebody who’s going to be completely on board with your goals and connects with you in a way that makes sense to you right you’re so you’re you’re learning and you’re moving forward it can be a little bit limiting um you only have access to those lessons once a week and then you have to go and practice on your own and then come back and hope that you you know you do everything correctly and you can move forward like that i have been a private teacher i’ve taught piano lessons online in that way um as a teacher i found it difficult because you’re not working in real time so my student would have to you know fuss with the camera angles and is it pointing at their hands and then okay stop and then you know can you try put your camera at your music so i just found that you know as a teacher i felt like i wasn’t giving my student the best experience because there was all of this back and forth and it kind of was clumsy and then finally looking at the membership model so there are definitely a few options for you when it comes to membership piano obviously i’ve looked at piano with johnny um there’s also like sort of along the same lines like an a la carte model where you can go like um and pick just certain courses to purchase and use from different piano different piano players like chick korea has one so this model is either hosted online so they’re not necessarily app based you’re going to log in and get access to your lessons and so what i’ve seen from these is that you have a practice feature so while it doesn’t give you direct feedback on your playing um it’ll play the music and you can see it on screen and you can play along and adjust the tempo um these options also usually include uh community aspects so forums live lessons potentially and that’s awesome that’s one of my favorite things about online learning is your access to the piano community because when i was learning to play the piano growing up in private lessons i didn’t really know any other piano players so i didn’t have that community of people to like encourage me and to talk about things with my my struggles and my successes so i really really like that about these membership platforms um and then usually you have access to a fairly like wide variety of styles so um or lessons so when you log in you can just go you can there you’re not limited to you know one lesson you’ve got all of these options and i know in piano we have them organized so that they’re step by step so you can either go through them very like in the progressions you know exactly what to do and how long to practice it and you know you can follow it so you have this path to learning plus all the extras like song tutorials and all that fun stuff um and so i think that it’s a great way to learn and so this is you know back in the beginning of the video i said i’m not biased obviously there’s gonna be some bias because i’ve played such a role in creating piano and piano is an a membership based way to learn the piano but i get so happy about it there’s a reason why i went from private practice to teaching online because i realized that i could first of all reach way more people this way but they would have access to the learning anytime so any time they want to learn it’s there and the support would be there because there’s this whole community of players at all levels that are giving input on how you’re doing anytime you have a question you can ask it and actually get an answer and that you know there could be lessons in so many different topics that people can access whenever they want to so this is what gets me really really excited about this way of learning and then you know you have the opportunity to access live live lessons um i know piano johnny does those i know that we do them we do them twice well once a week we do a q a and then twice a week we actually watch our students play they send in videos and we give feedback and then we help them become better based on their goals and it’s all so affordable i think you know when you do the math um you know one month of piano is like a fraction of the cost of a month of private lessons so that also helps there you go lots of ways to learn the piano i would encourage you to set the bar really high for online learning because i know it can be amazing there’s a reason why i went from teaching privately to teaching online and it’s because i actually believe it’s one of the very best ways to learn you can access your lessons anytime anywhere in a platform like piano you have the ability to connect with a community which is so important you can ask questions you can have them answered they’re people of all styles and skill levels and all over the world that are going to be interacting with you to help you stay moving toward your goals it’s amazing um and then you have access to all these lessons so you can follow this main path to learning to build your foundation and then you can customize you can do songs you can do styles there’s there’s so much there that that’s definitely my favorite way to learn to play the piano i guess you could call me a little bit biased here but i really just want you to find what works best for you so i hope that this video has given you some information to help you um don’t hesitate to use more than one platform you can mix and match these if you love the piano fill your life with as much piano as you possibly can so comment below let us know what your favorite way to learn the piano online is let’s start our conversation let’s help each other out a little bit here and most of all happy practicing [Music] you …

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