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so you always dreamed of learning to play the pianos maybe you were a kid who just begged for piano lessons and it was something that never worked out in your family life your parents said no or maybe you did take piano lessons as a child but you absolutely hated it so you gave up and now you’re grown up and you’re wishing that you had stuck with it because you want to make beautiful music on the piano but you don’t know how so this lesson is all about how to learn piano as an adult i’m going to give you some helpful advice tips and tricks little bits of wisdom and i’m also going to give you like a little mini piano lesson to get you started so that you can see just how how easy it can be to start playing things that sound amazing [Music] so before i start giving you my advice i’m going to show you just a little glimpse of what you might be able to play after you watch this lesson so it can sound like this something like that sounds super pretty super musical and if you’ve never played a piano before that might be super exciting okay so before we dive into that the first thing you need to know when you’re learning to play the piano as an adult you are in charge of what you’re learning so i’ll never forget i had this woman come into my private teaching practice one day and she had it was her first piano lesson with me she’d been taking piano lessons prior i wasn’t happy so i taught her the things i taught her to play what i just showed you actually and she started to cry and i was like oh no what have i done and she says oh no it’s just that i never imagined i could play something that sounded like a song i’ve been in piano lessons for a year and i’m playing on top of old smokey and i hate that song and i don’t want to learn it and i didn’t know this was possible so the reason i’m sharing that with you is because you are in charge of how you learn and what you learn and the only way that you are going to move toward playing the kind of music you want to play is by knowing what you want to play and communicating that to whoever it is that you’re working with in your learning journey so know what you want to play be really clear on that that’s step one next up and this one’s so important your brain is gonna work faster than your hands so the number one complaint and struggle and stress and frustration from adult learners is i know what to do but my hands are not listening to me that is normal you know when our brains understand something we just assume that we should be able to execute it but that’s definitely not the case you have to develop the independence you have to develop those neural pathways the connections so while you know what to do celebrate that be patient and kind with yourself working through learning how to play a c scale is going to be challenging and it will take some time but you can do it and it is okay you are ahead of the game as an adult learner because you know how to work hard you are invested in learning to play the piano and you are committed and as a grown-up you know we learn a few things about those things along the way so you have what it takes you know what you need to do you’re gonna get there i promise now the final thing i wanted to talk about is timing you know as adults it’s so easy to feel like we can’t carve out the time for ourselves um things are busy and all everything is happening and there might be kids or work careers whatever’s going on sometimes you can decide you’re going to do this for you and then you get a little ways in and it falls falls to the wayside because you just can’t seem to find the time or you feel like you’re not making the progress you need so i wanted to say that all you need are three things and maybe like 15 minutes a day and we all have 15 minutes in a day and the three things you can focus on in your 15 minutes a day are scales chords and a song and you can you know five minutes five minutes five minutes you can spend a little time on each of those and i promise you you will move forward which brings me to the learning part so you can see how this will all come together so if you’ve never played the piano before i want to tell you that we’ve got groups of two and three black keys i’m going a little bit fast here you can review this but i just want to get you playing so i’m really excited so find a group of two black keys and just below that we have c looks and sounds like this so take your thumb of your right hand and place it on c and then we’re going to play the next note with our next finger that’s d this is e because we know our alphabet right f and then g and we’re gonna head back down [Music] and as a total beginner you might be thinking oh my gosh this is so difficult my fingers aren’t cooperating just take your time know that your first few times playing this you’re not going you’re not going to maybe feel as grounded and confident as you will after you’ve played it 20 times so that’s step one it’s not so bad right notice how my wrist is up my fingers are curved that’s all good stuff so that’s what i call like a five note scale that’s the first thing i’d like you to practice it’d be great for you to practice that with your left hand so find a group of two below that one put your five finger on c and work your way i’m gonna do it fast up and down like this until you feel comfortable [Music] not so bad right so now what i want you to do is i want you to find c and you’re gonna also play g we’re gonna count the difference one two three four five so one and five c and g i’m gonna play like this now i’ve got my pedal down because i think it sounds really pretty but you don’t have to so i’m gonna play c with my left hand you can use any finger you want i’ll use my thumb and count to four so let’s do it again so one two three four it’s gonna take some coordination practice maybe get the hands ready thumb here and set up and go one hold this two three four then we’re going to find g so look down down down this is g here one two three four we’re going to move our third finger because that’s set up really nicely to a one two three four and next is our five on f one two three four this one do that again so c one two i let go of my pedal here so you can hear the difference g a two three four then f two three four i put the petal down two three and then i lift it and place it down again as i play the g that’s a tricky step please don’t worry about that if this really is your first time playing the piano you can practice that on practice session number 10 or 15 later on for now just get used to these shapes doesn’t that sound so pretty so that’s what i would love for you to start practicing and then when you’re ready you can try rocking like this and do the same thing with your left hand one two three and four and one and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and so the last thing i’m going to mention is fitting this into your life we’ve already talked about how life can be busy um and how you know it can be difficult to find the time i feel like you need to have some kind of support and some kind of structure but you also need to have the ability to come to this on your own timeline whenever it suits you and so shameless plug moment here um this is why i am so passionate about online learning um especially platforms like piano because we are able to give you support you need and the step-by-step lessons you need to learn but you can access this whenever you want so it’s not like you have to commit to going to see a piano teacher every week or that you’re going to feel alone as you’re working through you know a book so many people as adults go to learn piano and they grab a piano book that’s older than they are and they’re trying to learn and it’s you know the songs are updated and they’re not having fun kind of like in the in the story of that lady i mentioned earlier so um online learning is a great option if you need to be able to access your learning whenever wherever on your own timeline and then get the support that you need as you need it so if you want more information about that you can just click below the video we’ve got links there that will give you all the information about piano i would love to be a part of your piano learning journey i’m so thankful that you watch this lesson i hope that you practice and that you have fun say hello in the comments and i’ll see you around [Music] [Applause] you …

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